PWD61-XPW Baptised in Blood King of the Death Match Tournament

PWD62-XPW HardCore Conception
XPW Banned In Ventura

PWD63-XPW Go Funk Yourself (1 Year Show) KODM Tournament

PWD64-XPW Baptised In Blood 2

PWD65-XPW The Revolution Will Be Televised
XPW We Wrestle

PWD66-XPW Damage Inc. (8-25-01)

PWD67-XPW Redemption (5-26-01)

PWD68-XPW Hostile Takeover
XPW Best of the Enterprise
XPW The Black Army

PWD69-XPW Genocide

PWD70-XPW New Years Resolution (1/11/02)
XPW Fall Out (10/5/02)

PWD71-XPW Free Fall (2-23-02)

PWD72-XPW Liberty or Death (6/29/02)

PWD73-XPW Night Of Champions:3rd Annual KOD (7/20/02)

PWD74-XPW HAlloween In Hell 2 (10-13-02)

PWD75-XPW Exit Sandman (11/16/02)

PWD76-XPW Retribution (11/24/02)

PWD77-XPW Lizzy Borden XXX Posed

PW78-XPW volume 1 on PPV

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