WWE Weekly News

This week hasn’t been any less dramatic than others in the world of wrestling. The first big story that was released pertained to Steve Austin, one of the most magnificent Hall of Famer’s in the WWE. Speaking with Sports Illustrated reporters, Stone Cold mentioned who he believes will be the next big name in WWE. This praise went to Andrade, who works under the WWE Raw Superstar branding. Austin believes this young-man has a decades-long career ahead of him.

Already the fans have begun talking on social media regarding Stone Cold’s comments. Most believe that he is correct, with Andrade finding immediate success in his first season and become a champion. However, the fans and Steve Austin both believe that Andrade has to alter his character for more exposure. For the right kind of athlete, this task isn’t hard to accomplish. It should be noted that there hasn’t been a WWE Legend since John Cena, with another one long overdue.

Edge Returning to WWE

The biggest news story that was released this week regarded Edge, another Hall of Famer for the WWE. This ageing superstar is talking with the company again for his return appearance. It was known that Edge would return at some point, with it being confirmed by inside sources that he’d signed a new contract. That inside source was Doctor Joseph Maroon, who states that Edge had spoken with the AEW and WWE before agreeing to either agreement. Maroon mentioned that Edge chooses the WWE because of the upside received in his contract, hinting an inevitable championship victory.

It’s now being speculated by reporters close with the WWE that Edge will return to his role as a professional wrestler on the WWE’s 36th season. The most logical venue for Edge to make his re-entrance would be the 2020 Royal Rumble, where he has an infamous history of winning against his opponents. Unfortunately, none of the information provided from these inside sources has been confirmed with WWE or Edge. However, he did appear in the ring recently for a talking-role, which is always the precursor to a re-entrance in the ring. Most fans know that one of their favourite superstars will return in 2020.

WWE History

The World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc, or WWE as it is commonly known is a popular wrestling entertainment company that primarily operates within the United States. The vision of Toots Mondt and Jess McMahon in 1952 and created as the Capitol Wrestling Corporation, it stages over 500 yearly wrestling events and attracts viewers in over 150 countries with as many as 36 million viewers tuning in weekly.  Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, it operates other offices throughout the world and offered scripted, storyline based entertainment that features choreographed matches whereby its performers, while participating in wrestling events can be injured.