WWE Starts Worth Mentioning After WrestleMania 35

WWE looks completely different when you compared it a month ago. Samoa Joe is considered the longest reigning champion in both SmackDown and Raw, who has been the champion of the United States for more than 50 days, while other main roster titles continued to change hands during WrestleMania 35. Since the WrestleMania weekend, 3 out of 4 significant champions that walked into the ring, including Ronda Rousey, Daniel Bryan, and Brock Lesnar, have barely made the news, let along appeared on SmackDown or Raw. However, several stars continue to make the limelight since WrestleMania 35 occurred and we are here to tell you more about each of them.

Kofi Kingston

Not only is Kofu Kingston on fire, but he has also been booked quite remarkably over the last few months. It’s impossible not to root for him after he received his moment to shine when he received his WWE championship belt during WrestleMania 35. His constant rivalry with Kevin Owens remains something serious for Kofi to deal with which will only boost his following even further down the line. We hope to see Kofi maintain his momentum and show everyone that good guys can finish first.

Becky Lynch

If you worried about how Becky Lynch has recently been handled after WrestleMania, you are not alone. Allowing her to participate in both SmackDown and Raw, along with matches in Money in the Bank, will undoubtedly overexpose her in the short run. The fact that she is facing Charlotte Flair for the 8th time and facing an unproven Lacey Evans also doesn’t help her case. There’s no denying that everyone has indulged in the hype that surrounds Becky Lynch. However, she can only do so much before she runs out of steam.

Seth Rollins

The fact that we have the Universal Champion at Monday Night Raw once again regularly is that supporters can finally get acquainted with the story and title that isn’t focused entirely on when he will return to television. We are already looking forward to AJ Styles vs Seth Rollins match during the Money in the Bank campaign. However, that will only be the beginning. Remember when Seth Rollings had the Intercontinental title? Fans received tons of exciting matches due to his open challenges. The WWE can’t do better than this champion as a workhorse and is the perfect wrestler to keep the ball rolling in 2019.

AJ Styles

It was a smart move from WWE to place Styles on Raw. This will allow him to embark on brand-new stories after he managed to accomplish just about everything he set out to do while he was a member of SmackDown. Since he joined Raw, he is already well on his way to compete for the Universal Championship title when he faces Seth Rollings. Regardless of how things will turn out for AJ Styles in Raw, he has things ahead of him to keep everyone on the edge of their seats.