WWE Star Loses Out to Warner Brothers Role

Wrestlers that work for Vince McMahon have often moved towards careers in acting, such as Dwayne Johnson or John Cena. Often these careers in acting prove unfavourable & often lead back to readmittance into the WWE; such has been the case for John Cena. The exact opposite has happened with Dave Bautista. His career has reached unexpected heights after acquiring the role of “Draxx” in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Dave has helmed this role in the sequel and two Avenger’s films. This role leads Bautista to take the part of Mr Hinx in James Bond Spectre.

After all this growth in his acting career, Dave Bautista was rumoured to be playing a role in Matt Reeves “The Batman”. These rumours were proven false by the actor himself, which doesn’t shock film analysts—Marvel in infamous for not allowing their employed personnel to act under Warner Brothers – DC Movies Division. Rumours began when Dave Bautista posted an Instagram photo of himself at the Warner Brothers Casting Office, with speculation immediately starting & suggesting he’d take the role of “Bane”.

Bane was last made famous by Tom Hardy, who took the role in “The Dark Knight Rises”. This character was also seen in 1997 during Tim Burton’s “Batman & Robin”. Played by Jeep Swenson, his initial rendition of Bane would prove unfavourable. Tom Hardy’s version was accessible & still hailed positively by countless fans of Batman. Most film analysts indicated that Dave Bautista wouldn’t have the acting skillsets necessary to rival Tom Hardy, ultimately leading towards his possible rendition of Bane being unfavourable like Jeep Swenson’s.

Denying the Rumours

Extensive speculation prompted Dave Bautista to discuss the rumours himself, answering a fan on the possibility of him taking this role. He’d reference the initial article that suggested Dave Bautista playing Bane, noting that the writer explicitly expressed that the former WWE Wrestler should be chosen for this role. No guarantees or confirmations were ever made in any article, prompting Bautista to mention how the rumours aren’t real.

Dave Bautista suggested that he was in the running to take on this role, losing out to an unnamed actor. Speculation that Matt Reeves is using Bane in 2021s “The Batman” has only grown since Dave Bautista’s announcement. Fans are now questioning who Matt Reeves has selected for this role.