WWE Holiday Ratings

World Wrestling Entertainment has struggled with maintaining a consistent viewership since the departing of John Cena. However, the last month has seen significant growth, with numerous fans returning for regular viewership. The first event was Friday Night SmackDown, which per usual aired on FOX. It saw more than 2.4 million viewers, maintaining a 0.65 rating amongst the young demographic. Smackdown became the most-watched sporting event that night, with only 200 thousand leaving after the first hour. This saw an increase of 20 thousand viewers from the week before Smackdown. Subsequently, this wrestling series has been a 0.7% increase in week-after-week.


The next event that occurred on the World Wrestling Entertainment was NXT, which aired on Christmas Day. This was a change in schedule to their regular timeslots but saw an immediate increase in viewership from the week prior. It should be noted that this event was pre-taped, being one of the few series that isn’t showcased in a live format. It saw 831 thousand in the United States watch into the NXT events. This viewership percentage is considerably higher than the 795 thousand from the previous week. Most wrestling analysts claim that the increased viewership was prompted by AEW Dynamite, taking a week break from their respective network.

Those wondering when AEW Dynamite will return across the nation don’t have to wait for long. AEW is making its return on December 31st in Jacksonville. It will mark their New Year’s Eve show, where numerous unexpected fights are slated to take place. Rumours indicate that a new star could be announced this upcoming week, with some wondering if it’ll be CM Punk. We should see the return of Chris Jericho’s and CM Punk’s rivalry.


The final event this week was Monday Night RAW, which saw its lowest holiday ratings in history. It saw less than two million viewers, clocking in at 1.835 million. It was featured to be an exciting event, with Seth Rollins battling against the United Stated Champion, Rey Mysterio. It proven to be everything fans wanted, with AOP taking down Mysterio and giving him the beating of a lifetime. An additional battle that took place was Mojo Rawley battling against Samoa Joe, with Mojo being defeated in the No Disqualification Matchup. Fans that viewed this event also saw Asuka challenge Becky Lynch for the Women’s Championship Title. It should be noted that RAW brought in 2.05 million viewers the week prior, indicating a sharp decline in viewership.