WWE Focuses on Streaming

Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment has announced they’ll be terminating third-party agreements with broadcasters on October 2nd. This announcement comes as Vince McMahon’s WWE focuses on the growing format of Streaming. Conventional television is becoming less popular & costs more than the average consumer can afford. WWE believes former supporters are more likely to return under the subscription method.

The WWE Network Subscription Pass is currently available to consumers. However, it’s accessible to viewers that have TV Packages. It’s limited how many have joined the WWE Network. Seemingly, Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment board members want to move towards more conventional forms of Streaming associated with Netflix & Disney Plus. This means a standalone package likely valued between $10.00 to $15.00.

A PR Spokesman with the WWE headed questioning during their September 5th announcement. This individual clarified that similarly to Warner Brothers & Disney, the WWE Network wants to promote the intellectual growth of their property. Through exploring characters like Roman Reigns & Braun Strowman, more significant revenue is earned for WWE’s quarterly profits.

Promoting these characters is better accomplished through their internal services, while also evoking greater profits by not having to payout for contract agreements with ESPN & NBC Sports. Compensation for WWE Performers is this way higher under these conditions. This spokesman ended his statements by evoking the WWE’s commitment towards the removal of third-party agreements that they’ll focus more on their internal assets & create partnerships that benefit their brand.

August 30th

WWE Supporters knew that changes were coming, with Vince McMahon releasing a company-wide statement on August 30th. This digital letter informed WWE talent that their removal from third-party services is required moving forward. Professional wrestlers must exclusively appear on the WWE Network. Fans shouldn’t anticipate these wrestlers to appear on Twitch, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Disney Plus.

Details on when the WWE Company will implement their standalone subscription service wasn’t revealed. Likely, former contracts with ESPN, TSN, NBC Sports, and Sky Sports must first end before those respective jurisdictions can engage with the “WWE Network Subscription Pass”. When additional details are released, we’ll update our readers immediately.