WWE fans mourn Brickhouse Brown, Grandmaster Sexay and Nikolai Volkoff

Nikolai Volkoff 70, Brickhouse Brown 57 and Brian Lawler 46 all died on Sunday and is mourned by thousands of fans after their successful sports careers in World Wrestling WWE. The three WWE wrestlers all died on the same tragic day, and thousands of fans are stunned that three WWE deaths could occur within 24 hours.

Brian Christopher Lawler

The death of Lawler known as the Grandmaster Sexay in WWE was confirmed by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation after he was found in his cell after an attempted suicide at the Hardeman County prison. The guards found the 46-year-old and immediately rushed him to the local hospital where he was instantly placed on life support. Brian Christopher Lawler best known for WWE tag teams Scotty 2 Hotty and Too Cool is the son of Jerry Lawler, the legendary wrestler. He was arrested earlier this month in Tennessee after leading cops on a wild chase, who finally managed to pull him over and he was smelling of alcohol. He was held on charges of evading arrest, driving under the influence and with a revoked license. He is also mourned by the WWE who said he joined in 1997 and the star appeared for the last time in 2014.

Frederick Seawright

His real name is Frederick Seawright, but to the WWE community, he is better known as Brickhouse Brown who reached his peak in the 1980s. Brickhouse Brown was in the care of the Mississippi hospital when he passed away after he suffered from cancer of the prostate. The diagnoses of his prostate cancer were made when it was at an early state. Unfortunately, he had no insurance, and the only medical treatment he could afford were painkillers as revealed by the US media reports. The 58-year-old Seawright’s funeral will take place in Florida, which was his childhood state, his 58th birthday was on the 11th of August.

Josip Nicolai Peruzovic

The iconic villain of the WWE, better known as Nikolai Volkoff had a real name Josip Nicolai Peruzovic and was the star of the WWE during the Cold War, he antagonised American audiences by wearing Soviet inspired clothes and singing the Russian anthem aloud as he entered the ring. Born in Yugoslavia, now Croatia several tributes described this WWE star as one of the greatest villains as well as one of the most entertaining the sport ever saw. Volkoff became an instant icon due to his infamous Soviet rendition he did before any of his matches, and he became a WWE superstar everyone loved to hate. The 70-year-old Volkoff was said to be unique, his actions could be imitated, but none of his actions will ever be duplicated. It was indeed one of the saddest days in the WWE universe as the community mourned the deaths of three professional wrestlers that were legendary, and all left this world within 24 hours without any warning.