WWE Faces Continued Issued with Roster

Vince McMahon, throughout the decades, has infamously treated his roster poorly. One occasion saw professional wrestlers held captive by a Middle Eastern Government, who demanded that Vince McMahon award them millions to return the wrestlers. Being held captive came after the WWE Chief Executive Officer refused to compete in the Middle East, even though contracts had been made months ago. That was the last notable time that McMahon treated his wrestlers like lesser human beings. New information from June 18th indicates that Vince is back to his usual tactics, avoiding wrestlers, so their provided proper compensation.

Vince McMahon has hidden inside his headquarters after Kevin Owens had contracted COVID-19 at a Taped WWE Smackdown Venue. It prompted WWE Medical Personnel to begin testing all individuals that attended this taping, with their data not being publicly revealed to WWE supporters. This fast pace to resolve any concerns over an outbreak wasn’t good enough to resume taping on June 17th. Vince McMahon was informed that Smackdown couldn’t restart operations until the 21st, giving Cleaning Crews proper time to sanitize this the WWE Performance Centre.

Tensions have begun running high amongst the WWE Roster, which follows after SmackDown Wrestlers weren’t permitted inside the Performance Centre. Vince McMahon promised that Test Results would be confirmed outside the building on June 19th, with the Chief Executive Officer lying to his roster. These individuals waited more than four hours before leaving the facility, with those wrestlers now concerned that they could by Asymptomatic & infecting others in public. It should be mentioned that these wrestlers haven’t displayed signs of COVID-19, with Kevin Owens possibly contracting the virus elsewhere in America.

Anger Ensues

The Roster for WWE’s SmackDown showed their anger towards Vince McMahon through social media platforms like Twitter. One athlete mentioned that June 19th showed there’s an incredible lack of leadership at the WWE Performance Centre, with the testing being an embarrassment. 99% of those tested for COVID-19 receive their results back in 24 Hours, with WWE Athletes having waited almost five days. This is unacceptable of Vince McMahon.

It’s suspected that Vince McMahon is enacting this behaviour after multiple wrestlers supported Roman Reigns, who refused to compete during the COVID-19 Era because of his Asthma. The response of Vince McMahon was to terminate Roman Reigns from his contract effective immediately. This action didn’t sit well with the remaining roster.