WWE Entrance Songs and Themes

What makes the world of wrestling so entertaining is the dramatic entrances, it’s theatrical entertainment program and the body slams, and for most viewers, the original theme music is the most recognisable of all modern television has to offer.

In 1993, January to be exact Monday Night raw was broadcasted, and WWE used over a hundred of songs to accompany the entrances of their wrestlers, some from well-known bands, others reworked rock songs, but the show in most cased opted for anthems that were originally created specifically for their characters. For three decades the company’s main composer and songwriter were Jim Johnston, he constantly got their theme songs landed on the Billboard charts.

In 2002, the WWE Anthology soundtrack remained on the charts for 17 weeks, and most of the entrance songs played an important role in complementing and building the character of the wrestler. This related to whether it setting ominous moods, or the sounds of the Undertaker’s songs, or maybe that of Hulk Hogan. The songs explained, literally what that wrestler was fighting for.

Mick Foley

If there ever was a wrestler that was both intriguing and strange it would be Mick Foley, he was a hardcore wrestler, and in the 90s he had three personas, these included Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love. So, should his personas be any indication of his split personalities Mankind would give a clear view of this wrestler’s mysterious dark side. The theme music for Mankind was even more odd than that of the other two personas, while most of the other wrestlers selected heavy guitar riffs with explosives going off around them. But Mankind would rather have shuffled, awkwardly as he made his way towards the ring on the sound of tragic piano music. It was unsettling, most disturbing and perfect for mankind.

Stone Cold

The intro music for Steve Austin changed glass shattering sound for the entire 90s generation. Stone Cold Steve Austin was the main character of the celebrated pro wrestling ear, he was a madman, mean, mugging and he constantly had evil plans. Steve Austin’s music played at his entrance was almost like a bat signal in modern-day, it announced that fans were about to see a serious fight, and at the same time, it could mean that all would be alright.


Undertaker bone-chilling, smoggy entrances were almost numbing he would emerge slowly to the sound of lightning cracks and church organs. He believed that the entrance could break or make a wrestler and he knew how to pick an unsettling theme and make his entrance the most iconic and thrill at the time.

Triple H

Triple H selected overblown jock rock riffs and cheesy lyrics played by Motorhead to make his entrance. It was Lemmy’s voice that gave Triple H, already a hall-of-fame star the boost he needed, his theme related to one thing only and that was that he was unparalleled as a wrestler or as a superstar in the WWE world.

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan’s choice in music and his G.I. Joe character made him a household name and cult hero, and he often declared his creed of being an American and he always promised to fight for his rights and fans could trust it as they knew he would Hulk-Up and win in the end.