This is a series of tapes where wrestlers either make appearances on various talk shows through the years such as Connan O Brein, Arsenio Hall, Regis, Howard Stern, Off The Record, MTV, Movies or anywhere in the public eye besides a wrestling ring where it is unique to see them.

P1-Wrestling Public-Early Years(pre 86 TV shows with Wrestlers)

P2-Wrestling Public Volume 1 (1987-1992)

P3-Wrestling Public Volume 2 (1992 to 1994)

P4-Wrestling Public Volume 3 (1994 -1999)

P5-Wrestling Public Volume 4 (6-98 to 3-99)

P6-Wrestling Public Volume 5 (3-99 to 6-99)

P7-Wrestling Public Volume 6 (7-99 to 8-99)Incl. Wrestling w Shadows)

P8-Wrestling Public Volume 7 (Off the Records Canada 1997 to 6-99)

P9-Wrestling Public Volume 8 (9-99 to 11-99)

P10-Wrestling Public Volume 9(99-00)

P11-Wrestling Public Volume 10 TV Canada (98-00)

P12-Wrestling Public Volume 11 (00 to 01)

P13-Wrestling Public Volume 12 (2002-2003)

P14-Wrestling Public Volume 13 (2003 to ?)

P15-Wrestling Public Volume 14 CANADA+WWF vs NHL Softball+OTR’s 02

P16-TV Series Learning the Ropes-15 shows w NWA wrestlers on each

P17-Beyond the Mat-The Movie

P18-Wrestling With Shadows-Hitman Hart

P19-The Wrestler-The Movie Starring Verne Gagne

P20-Grunt! The Wrestling Movie

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