Wrestling Event Turns Bloody

During the recent “Welcome to the Wreckroom Pro Wrestling” event the night turned out to be quite bloody, and now Floyd County Health Department is urging all who have attended the event to have themselves tested for both Hepatitis C as well as HIV. The organizers, however, slapped back and are now accusing the Health Department of seeking sensation and by overdramatizing the details of the event.

The Event

New Albany, Indiana was recently the host to the event organized by Pro-Wrestling Trainwreck. The event was marketed as an extreme wrestling event, and fans probably knew what to expect, but it seems that even their expectations were exceeded. Fans were urged to bring weapons to the match, and the event was advertising that it will be featuring a couple of violent games. Some of these matches were expected to cause some injury and included a carpet full of thumbtacks and another where wrestlers where throwing each other through panes of glass. This resulted in the event becoming quite bloody and brutal, which provided great exposure to bodily fluids, not only for the wrestlers but also towards the spectators.

The Powerbomb

The event which causes the most significant concern for the health authorities was the Powerbomb. During the Powerbomb, one of the wrestlers had to be rushed off to the emergency room after suffering severe cuts and injury. This was due to a failed attempt to perform this stunt during which a contestant throws another through a glass pane. The wrestler was picked up and then forced by his competitor through several objects including a pane of glass, a door and some fluorescent bulbs. He ended up being cut quite badly and had to be rushed off for medical assistance. News is that he needed 42 stitches to the wounds sustained.

The Health Department’s Concern

The Floyd County Health Department urged fans who attended the event to have themselves tested. A health department administrator, Charlotte Bass, explained the reason behind their warning. They are cautious since the incident did cause for a lot of blood and bodily fluids to be exposed, and because there were many shards of glass as well as thumbtacks around, it was easy to receive small cuts even if you were only in the audience. This increased the odds of being exposed to the blood and fluids even more. Both HIV and Hepatitis C can spread through the slightest exposure, and it is only as a matter of concern for the people involved.

Response from Pro Wrestling Trainwreck

Pro Wrestling Trainwreck, however, felt that this was entirely uncalled for. According to them, this is a campaign form the Health Department to instil fear into the minds of the fans which were there and through that sunk future events due to lower attendance out of fear. They also stated that they felt that is the health department was merely sensationalizing the event.