Wrestlers That Could Join WWE in 2019

As more and more fans of wrestling are becoming aware of the events that are taking place in the international and Indy scenes, especially in New Japan and Ring of Honour, that’s a great chance that 2019 will witness several wrestling stars get snapped up by WWE this year. However, fans also need to keep in mind that certain heads will need to roll for WWE to make space for brand-new talent. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top wrestlers that are rumoured to make their way to WWE in 2019.

Marty Scurll

Scurll is already an extremely popular name outside of WWE, and he has the seal of approval from Paul Heyman. However, will Scurll’s talent be able to surpass the British wrestlers that are currently rejecting the WWE to remain in their comfort zones within New Japan? Most believe that he will, and if it happens, Scurll will be welcomed like a superstar in the WWE. He has the on-mic and in-ring abilities and charisma to make a name for himself in the U.S wrestling scene.

Adam “Hangman” Page

Unfortunately, several reports indicate that Page turned down a contract from WWE recently as the company refused the sign the entire squad known as the Bullet Club. However, fans shouldn’t expect that a contract with the WWE will disappear as easy as that. There’s a great chance that some of the Bullet Club members will be around for WWE in 2019, especially after WrestleMania.

John Morrison

We tried extremely hard to focus this section on wrestlers who have never joined WWE in their careers. However, when it comes to returns in the WWE, John Morrison is frequently mentioned as a former talent in the WWE that might be making a return to the company very soon. It might not happen in 2019, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he makes a return to where it all started for the young wrestler.

Chelsea Green

Green has had a very long road when it comes to her wrestling career. After she failed to win the Tough Enough tournament, she decided to move to impact wrestling while using the name Laurel Van Ness where she claimed the Knockouts Championship before she decided to leave the company in 2018. She is currently the top female free agents in the Indy wrestling scene. With several female wrestlers leaving the WWE this year, Green could be the perfect replacement.

Eli Drake

About ten years ago, Eli Drake was looking for an opportunity to enter the WWE scene. However, due to his tardiness, the WWE decided to blacklist him for multiple years. However, since then he has managed to become a highly regarded wrestler in the Impact wrestling scene. Drake recently signed an extension contract with impact wrestling which might delay his shot to join WWE. However, he also recently admitted that joining WWE is something that he has always wanted and is open to the idea.