Wrestlers Re-Emerging at Royal Rumble

Rumours regarding Royal Rumble on January 26th indicate that two unexpected wrestlers could be making their professional re-emergence into the ring. The first individual anticipated to return is Lisa Varon, which would mark her 1st pay-per-view in eleven years. This information follows after insiders with Royal Rumble expressed that Lisa Varon was staying at Minute Maid Park Hotel. Leaked images from event associates showed Victoria (The wrestling name for Lisa Varon” displayed towards the end of testing.

Lisa Varon became one of the most highly respected women in professional wrestling, with her presence making numerous young woman enter the WWE. The name of Victoria was retired after Lisa Varon became a mother in 2009. Returning at Royal Rumble 2020 would almost confirm previous rumours surrounding Victoria. WWE Insiders claim that she’d receive a contract for NXT, under the trainer position.

It wouldn’t be surprising to have Lisa Varon return to professional wrestling; she dominated the early 2000s WWE Roster. Eventually, she’d become one of the highest-rated female wrestlers in history, with her name often being debated for the WWE Hall of Fame. The insider that informed reporters that Lisa Varon would return at the 2020 Royale Rumble, also noted that several individuals from NXT would make appearances for this pay-per-view. It’d follow in-line with the NXT training rumours surrounding Lisa Varon’s “Victoria”.

MVP Returning

The second individual that’s anticipated to make his professional re-emergence in wrestling is MVP. Throughout the last few months, he’s begun to engage with wrestling communities across social media. It prompted him to engage with individuals like CM Punk, Chris Jericho and the Edge. Considering that it’s been confirmed that Edge will be returning to WWE, it wouldn’t surprise analysts to see MVP re-emerge to assist the former Smackdown Champion. It should be noted that photographers were released to Instagram, which showed Chris Jericho and MVP standing in front of Minute Maid Park. However, there hasn’t been any confirmation if this former WWE star is appearing in a professional or supportive context.

There could always be the chance that Chris Jericho is swaying the favour of MVP. Convincing this former rising star to join All-Elite Wrestling would come as a significant blow to WWE. It’d mark the 20th wrestler lost to AEW. We will keep our readers informed if MVP makes his re-emerge to professional wrestling at Royal Rumble. Regardless, it’s almost confirmed that Victoria is coming back. Fans should be excited about the upcoming Royal Rumble.