Weekly Roundup for Professional Wrestling – January 17th to 23rd

This week saw three unexpected headlines for supporters of the WWE. The first headline came on January 17th, which revealed that Samoa Joe had suffered a substantial injury throughout the weekend prior and won’t wrestle until those injuries are healed. The unfortunate medical condition of Samoa Joe followed after the RAW Superstar filmed a WWE Commercial, where he was slated to perform a “Table Break”. It hadn’t been set up correctly by Set Designers, resulting in Samoa to crash into the concrete ground without any way of stopping himself.

WWE Representatives expressed that Samoa Joe hasn’t been medically cleared to return to professional wrestling, with the details of those injuries not being provided. Rumours indicate that these injuries were head-related, which would mean a prolonged period of healing for Samoa Joe. It should be noted that he’d returned to professional wrestling less than a month ago, with him receiving prior injuries relating to concussions. Two head injuries back-to-back could result in Samoa Joe permanently having to retire. Fans should take his condition with a grain of salt, as the lengths of his injuries are purely speculation. His last appearance was on Monday Night’s RAW this week on the 10th. Supporters for Samoa Joe hope that he’ll remain a title-card fight for WrestleMania 36.

Bella Twins Returning to WWE

The second headline that surprised WWE Supporters related to the Bella Twins, with it being confirmed that both Brie and Nikki Bella would return to Friday Night Smackdown. They’ll also appear on “Moment of Bliss” as guests. These two athletes had to leave the WWE following their pregnancies, which came around the same period and are active today. Representatives from the World Wrestling Entertainment Company mentioned that neither athletes would fight until their pregnancies have concluded and these women have had their respective maternity leave. This means that their appearances won’t be physical on Friday Night Smackdown until September 2020. Their separate storylines are being created in advance, which is why they’re returning several months earlier than anticipated.

Additional “Team-Up Matches” that were confirmed with the Bella Twins announcement included The Miz and John Morrison. They’ll compete in an Eight-Man Tag Team Battle, which has two other outfits confirmed. Those include Robert Rode and Dolph Ziggler for one team. The 3rd Tag Team includes New Day and The Usos. It’s expected that Bryan Wyatt and Goldberg will be the 4th secret competitors, with both slated to be unknown appearances in the coming weeks.