Vince McMahon Targets Roman Reigns

History is repeating itself throughout the WWE, with the egotistical values of Vince McMahon being portrayed in a public manner. The President of this wrestling competition hasn’t allowed for the Roman Reigns name to be used for weeks. This follows after Roman confirmed that his attendance at WrestleMania 36 would be terminated. The battle between Goldberg for the Universal Championship wasn’t a viable match-up after this announcement.

It put Vince McMahon in a challenging position, prompting his backlash against his star athlete. Roman Reigns suffered from leukaemia earlier in his life. Acting as respiratory disease, catching the novel coronavirus could kill him within days. Roman is considered high-risk and shouldn’t engage with society under normal conditions. WWE experts are shocked by the actions of Vince McMahon; you’d think the elderly President would understand Roman’s predicaments during the world’s worst pandemic in decades.

The Order

Insiders revealed that an internal memo was released to all employees with the WWE. This extends towards their corporate, coaching, production, and athletic divisions. These individuals have been placed under strict orders, not to mention Roman Reigns explicitly. There’s a significant chance that Vince McMahon won’t allow for his title athlete to return after backing down from WrestleMania. This ignorant and vindictive behaviour will see an onslaught of hate towards the WWE President, who has continuously shown his lack of empathy towards employed individuals or supporters.

Supporters were already wondering what had happened to Roman Reigns. He was anticipated to become the Universal Champion, garnering similar popularity to the John Cena Era. Their concerns followed after Braun Strowman didn’t mention the Roman Reigns name once after acquiring his Universal Championship. This doesn’t mean that supports won’t see Roman Reigns wrestle in the future. The AEW have already expressed interest in obtaining this infamous athlete to their roster. That’d mean Reigns competing against the likes of Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy, and Cody Rhodes.

AEW Benefits

Wrestlers that’ve been schemed by Vince McMahon have all transferred to All Elite Wrestling. Individuals accomplishing this transfer have expressed that their wrestling conditions are considered superior. These improved conditions include continuous paycheques, clean changing rooms and zero harassment. Claims of this nature have begun to provide WWE with a bad reputation, all because of Vince McMahon’s ego.