Vince McMahon Cuts Pay of WWE Personnel

Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment confirmed that the CEO had cut the payments of Producers & Referees. Vince McMahon made this decision following the COVID-19 Pandemic, which is drastically reducing the associated profits earned by this historical wrestling league. It wasn’t just minor personnel receiving pay cuts, with executives also being informed on May 28th that they’d be receiving a reduction on salary. It’s the 1st time that WWE Executives haven’t obtained a raise in pay.

WWE Representatives didn’t clarify information regarding these reductions in salary. Dave Meltzer accidentally leaked the data when being interviewed by Wrestling Observer Radio. Reporters on this program requested details regarding the internal structure of WWE to date, with Meltzer noting that nearly all personnel have lost 20% of their standard pay. Knowing that the production staff are experiencing salary reductions is surprising. These individuals are responsible for filming the pre-televised programs that Vince McMahon has implemented during COVID-19. It should be mentioned that the WWE chief executive officer had also released multiple producers from their contracts, meaning they’ve been terminated. This occurred during Mid-April and prompted the remaining staff to believe their salaries were protected.

Insiders with the WWE clarified that these Producers & Referees would be asked to return after the furlough period is over. Payments at that time will respond to reasonable valuations. Vince McMahon has forcibly implemented this decision to protect his father’s business. Wrestling analysts speculate that if COVID-19 is a prolonged pandemic, Vince McMahon won’t surpass the financial burdens of the novel coronavirus.

Head Writer Fired by McMahon After Internal Incident

The Wrestling Observer Radio & Podcast also provided additional details regarding Christopher De Joseph, the former Head Writer of Smackdown. It was noted that De Joseph had engaged in unprofessional behaviour multiple times, which follows after Christopher obtained a promotion in the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment Company. Vince McMahon terminated De Joseph under a disciplinary cause, with the exact inappropriate actions of this wrestling not being details.

It should be noted that wrestlers in WWE have engaged in unprofessional behaviour multiple times. McMahon has infamously forgiven them 99% of the time, prompting analysts to believe that Christopher was released from his contract for personal problems with Vince.