Vince McMahon Comments on WWE

WWE is a sports entertainment company, and that is what should be expected from them. They deliver professional wrestling on a platter to massive crowds. Yet after a very controversial ending of Hell In A Cell, Vincent McMahon commented that some of the Superstars are too much pro wrestling. This statement created as much controversy as the ending to Hell In A Cell.

The Controversy of the Statement

In which context the statement was made is still unclear, but the thought that is lingering on everybody’s mind is why would he make such statements when he booked an ending like the one which caused the controversy. WWE fans were entirely in an uproar about the end which featured Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins. According to sources, the person who wrote the storyline is no longer in the business of writing for WWE events, understandably so.

Various WWE Superstars were utterly puzzled by the finish of “The Fiend” vs Rollins. They claim that they felt it is quite bizarre and many were even left speechless. Inside sources slipped that initially, McMahon was laughing the matter off regarding the reaction which fans showed, but apparently, he was aware of the mistake which they made, yet he is not taking any blame for the situation.

The fact that this was indeed one giant mistake was evident when the crowds stood up in Sacramento’s Golden Circle demanding for refunds and chanting the name of the competitor AEW. This happened after Wyatt kicked out from many Rollins’ manoeuvres and the referee intervened with a baffling finish. Some refer to the ending as an embarrassment while others reckon it was an insult to the intelligence of their supporters and it being a total disaster.

Explaining the Meaning of His Statement

Many are wondering about the true meaning of McMahon’s statement, but you need to keep the following in mind. McMahon sees his product created for television as sports entertainment while the wrestlers are superstars. These two words in themselves have created much controversy over the past couple of years. A list of words banned from WWE is endless. The list is also the testimony of the high degree of micro-control which McMahon uses to run the business.

Words like the hospital, belt, professional wrestlers and wrestler are all on this taboo list. This is because McMahon is firmly set in his belief that his wrestlers are more than that and that they are indeed superstars. Stephanie McMahon once revealed in an interview that the reason for them being called superstars is because in the end, they do much more than wrestle and that they indeed spend large amounts of time dealing with the media and other promotional activities. To Vince McMahon WWE is not about the wrestling, it is all about entertainment through wrestling, and once you consider that context, his statement starts to sound less bizarre.