Top Female Wrestling Stars Who Will Rule in 2019

There’s no denying that 2018 was filled with ups and downs when it comes to female wrestling. The WWE managed to deliver sensational wrestling action within its female division, while Sexy Star, a popular Lucha Underground female wrestler, found herself in loads of trouble after breaking the arm of one of her opponents. While 2019 looks like a year for talented female superstars to reign supreme, there are a handful of women that have a slight advantage before we enter the new year. Let’s take a look at the top female wrestling stars that could claim the Queen of wrestling title in 2019.

Ember Moon

Trained by Booker T, Moon managed to sweep through the female wrestling division like a firestorm, quickly becoming the number one contender to take the title from Asuka who is currently undefeated. To be honest, no one is looking stronger than Ember Moon to fight Asuka. Ember is currently enjoying the top spot in the NXT brand and has the ability to completely turn things around in 2019.

Sarah Logan

Sarah Lohan, previously known as Crazy Mary Dobson, has managed to turn quite a few heads in 2018 thanks to her participation in the draft for Smackdown and the Mae Young classic. Logan comes equipped with a strong and unique style thanks to her Japanese training and her finishing move, the Kaiju Killer, is a tribute to her training in the country.

Peyton Royce

The incredible journey of Peyton Royce saw her leave her native city in Australia to make her way to Canada. Trained by Lance Storm, the legendary ring technician, Peyton certainly has what it takes to perform in the ring. With a duo with Billy Kay, Peyton is definitely regarded as the most marketable one of the two according to management. She is currently a top contender in NXT and has a fantastic chance to be at the top in 2019.


As the tabloid queen and favourite bad girl in the pro wrestling world, Paige has managed to break into WWE as the leader of the famous Absolution squad, placing her in a fantastic position for 2019. Paige had a fantastic start to her career in the WWE where she managed to claim the Divas title during her debut in RAW. However, after that, she stumbled. Thankfully, it’s in the past and she can now focus on becoming a decent contender for more titles in 2019.

Kairi Sane

Sane, also referred to as the Pirate Princess, managed to turn quite a few heads after the claimed the Mae Young classic by defeating Baszler in the last match of the tournament. Fearless and gorgeous, it’s no wonder she’s so highly praised in the world of WWE. Sane has managed to carve out her own little piece in the wrestling world thanks to her high-risk moves and sunny personality and we are confident it will continue as we enter 2019 with loads of new fights on the board.