Tom Segura Angers WWE Fans

Supporters of wrestling have proven themselves aggressive & immature over recent statements made by Tom Segura, a well-known comedian in North America. Segura was speaking on his “Your Mom’s House Podcast”, which Tom hosts with his wife, Christina Pazsitzky. Segura was questioned on his thoughts behind wrestling, where he’d remark Anti-WWE statements. Tom noted that World Wrestling Entertainment is falsified for a foolish viewer.

Tom Segura doesn’t believe that wrestling isn’t for the intelligent, especially those considering that these matches are real. Segura doesn’t think a grown man should idolize another male wearing tights and performing horrible soap operas. It’s not surprising that Tom Segura would have this mindset, as he’s close friends with Joe Rogan, a commentator for UFC. Segura thinks that fans of wrestling should support the Ultimate Fighters Championship, a more realistic and brutalized version of fighting.

Wrestling fanatics didn’t appreciate the statements made by Tom Segura, with these individuals often reacting poorly whenever questioned on the legitimacy of wrestling. It should be mentioned that WWE is advertised to supporters as simulated competitions, providing the proof required to showcase the illegitimacy of wrestling. This hasn’t stopped the WWE Audience from sending ignorant messages to Tom Segura through Twitter and Instagram, with some uttering death threats to his children. It’s this kind of behaviour that ultimately has turned individuals like Tom Segura away from wrestling, as fans rarely react positively whenever facing criticism.

Comedian Status

Tom Segura is considered one of the highest-rated comedians in 2019/2020. Netflix has supported him for more than 10+ years with incremental comedy specials, with the most recent being rated 4/5. He’s part of a small group of comics that are considered close friends, which include Bert Kreischer and Bill Burr. Both Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer are both working on comedy series with Netflix right now, allowing the men to bring their respective sitcoms to millions worldwide.

Exclusivity with Netflix followed after Tom Segura toured North America dozens of times, attending various comedy clubs, and slowly growing his name as a comic. After 20+ years of grinding towards the goal of becoming a famous funny, Tom Segura stands as North Americas 5th favourite comic in 2020.