The Two Personas of Phoenix

Nor Diana or Phoenix, as she is known in the ring, is living a life of a shy Malaysian girl in her hijab, but when she gets into the ring, she becomes the leather-wearing Phoenix, who has won the biggest wrestling tournament in Malaysia last month.

Nor Diana

Nor Diana is a timid 19-year-old Malaysian girl. She is a mere 152 cm (5ft) tall and weighs 43kg (94lbs). In a timid voice, she talks about life in her town, Puchong. Puchong is only a short distance away from Kuala Lumpur. She is dressed in traditional Malaysian clothes. A baju kurung in a floral pattern, her hijab and some wine glasses. She admits about being shy and reserved. When she describes her life, it is clear that she too distinguishes between the two worlds present in her life. The one which she refers to as the real world and the ring.


Phoenix is an entirely different character. She has a fire burning inside of her and is much braver and fun, Nor states. Living the life of Phoenix is giving Nor the possibility to be part of a life which she would never be allowed to have in the real world. A world where she is living under a strictly conservative Islamic tradition. Phoenix has managed to steadily grow into one of the biggest names within the wrestling world of Malaysia. By defying the expectations and stigmas which Muslim women live with, in Malaysia.

She has managed to bring more women to this male-dominated sport. Even though there are those from the conservative Islamic side who are criticizing her, she does feel that the support that she is getting is fantastic. The response and the change which it brings within this world is resulting in these women becoming more involved in wrestling. She mentioned that there was all-female wrestling try out last year and nobody showed up, and this year at the tryout, three girls in hijabis showed up for training.

The Start of Her Career

Her love for wrestling started when she was only 14-years old. She was playing WWE wrestling with her brother on his Portable PlayStation. She