The Top Five Pro Wrestling Organizations

Wrestling promotions/federations or feds refer to any business or company which regulates shows hosting professional wrestling. The promotion part of the name indeed relates to marketing, advertising, as well as running and organizing the logistics of the event. Following, we shortly touch on the top five promotions in pro wrestling in the United States.

World Wrestling Entertainment

WWE is currently the most significant pro wrestling promotion and delivers on more than 500 events per year. They have many brands travelling around 36 million viewers from more than 150 countries. Although pro wrestling is their main line of business, they have also branched out to different markets, including movies and real estate. WWE was founded in 1952 by Toots Mondt and Jess McMahon and was referred to as the Capitol Wrestling Corporation. Since then they have gone through a couple of name changes until it turned to World Wrestling Entertainment and since 2011 that was used as the exclusive name to brand the company.

All Elite Wrestling

The newbie on the block of wrestling, being founded only earlier on the year. With stiff financial backing, they are considered to deliver a blow to WWE. Within a couple of weeks, AEW will have a two-hour slot scheduled weekly on TNT. Founded by father and son duo, Shadid and Tony Khan. Professional wrestlers signed to them includes Cody Rhodes and Nick and Matt Jackson. These three will perform as in-ring performers.

Ring of Honor

Based in Baltimore and is a subsidiary of one of the largest broadcasting companies in the States, Sinclair Broadcast Group. Until 2004 ROH was privately owned by Rob Feinstein, the founder of ROH. Then there was a time of ownership by Cary Silkin, and in 2011 it was sold off to the Sinclair Group. ROH is currently ranked as the third-largest wrestling promotion in the States.

Impact Wrestling

Based in Ontario, but this pro wrestling promotion is very much American, being founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 2002. Founded by Jerry and Jeff Jarrett, it was initially known as National Wrestling Alliance: Total Nonstop Action or NWA-TNA. They also went through a couple of name changes since then. Until 2017 they were considered as the second largest pro wrestling promotion but was surpassed by ROH.

Major League Wrestling

Founded in Philadelphia in 2002, then moved to New York by founder, Court Bauer, the former WWE writer. Currently, they are based in Orlando, Florida. MLW is considered to be the most hard-hitting and violent action with storylines to keep you on the edge of your seat. MLW had many taped events for television for the show called Underground TV, airing on the Sunshine Network. In 2004 they closed the business due to a lack of money, but Bauer continued to promoting events in 2017 and 2018 premiered with MLW Fusion, a weekly show, on BelN Sports.