The Story Behind WWE’s Money in the Bank

Money in the Bank should be considered WWE’s 2nd successive can’t miss PPV. Between the women’s and men’s ladder matches that have undoubtedly made this show one of the most unpredictable and exciting moments in the history of the WWE, along with a Universal championship match between AJ Styles and Seth Rollins, it needs to go quite far off the rails to be considered a complete letdown.

However, the creative decisions that were made on Sunday evening, including the weeks of SmackDown and Raw that follow it – will go an incredibly long way to determine whether the Money in the Bank event is a night when the stars of WWE are on track, or if it’s merely growing into a huge concern.

WWE’s Current Concerns

Since WrestleMania 35, The WWE organization has genuinely struggled to tell coherent, consistent storylines. There was a massive superstar shakeup that was supposed to last a mere week, designed to reset the SmackDown and Raw rosters. However, it transformed into a runaway train that hasn’t been able to stop for the last month.

There were tag teams that were split without any real explanation, and wrestling superstars were transferred multiple times between different shows, while names were changed only to be changed back to the original names after that. Then, there’s also this new wild-card rule that was implemented a few weeks ago, allowing a fixed number of SmackDown superstars to appear on Raw, and vice versa.

This move was primarily designed to provide better TV ratings to both SmackDown and Raw, as the viewership numbers for Raw went down to 2.16 million during April which is considered the lowest figures in the program’s history. The wild-card rule assisted with these numbers, but it’s still considered a temporary fix at the moment. On each show, since the idea was pitched and introduced, the rule set out to limit the crossover numbers per night was ignored entirely or exceeded.

This will eventually feel like the same show over and over again if the WWE continue down this path and will be filled with inconsistent narratives coupled with dramatic changes at the last minute.

Is There Too Much Action Too Soon?

Triple Threat matches and WrestleMania rematches are incredible in moderation. However, when the stakes for these kinds of matches aren’t built up enough, the shine of these matches quickly wear off. WWE is not giving the audience enough time or reason to fully invest their emotions in the characters or storylines at the moment. Everything they see is done and dusted seven days after its created. That’s not how you keep your audience entertained.

The excitement remains behind the winners of WrestleMania 35, including Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins, and Kofi Kingston. However, each of them is in dangerous territory, especially when it comes to Becky Lynch. The WWE set up yet another match between Charlotte Flair and Lynch. How many times do they think fans want to see this match?