The Sting Signs with AEW

Wrestling supporters were shocked again by AEW, who unveiled the latest roster member. After matches between tag-teams Darby Allen/Cody Rhodes & Ricky Starks/Powerhouse Hobbs, unexpected brawls took place between the Nightmare Family and Team Taz. The collective of wrestlers prompted excitement from viewers & ticketholders, which seemed dismal after the stadium broke-out in cheers. Fans wore facemasks while dawning their mobile devices to photograph the moment, which marks Sting’s first appearance on TNT in eighteen years.

Announcements regarding the details of Sting’s appearance was later made by “All Elite Wrestling”, which noted that a multi-year contract had been signed with Sting. Analysts anticipate that Sting’s storyline will shame similarities to the WWE’s Undertaker, which could prompt a dynamic shift throughout the AEWs roster. Tag-team matches before Sting’s reveal were highlighted this week, showing that wartimes in All Elite Wrestling is growing. Supporters permitted to attend the festivities were reeling from the action displayed & were left wondering what was next after all tag-team partners had fallen. That’s when the lights when dark, blues emitted throughout the stadium, and music synonymous with Sting began playing. Smoke blasted from the entrance walkway & Sting started walking from the clouds.

The Stare

Team Taz knew the namesake & prowess of Sting, prompting their immediate fleeing from the stadium. Members of AEWs Nightmare Family appeared hesitant to move, stricken down with fear of what was coming. Onlookers anticipated physical altercations that’d leave the tag-team roster damaged for months. The Sting didn’t display his feared talents on December 4th, with the legendary wrestler instead staring into the eyes of all individuals remaining inside AEWs ring. Those men cowered before Sting, prompting the iconic TNT wrestler to scream towards crowd onlookers. Clarification was provided that Sting’s storyline won’t begin until this Holiday season, meaning fans are weeks away from witnessing the ringside return of Sting by December 26th.