The Rocks Daughter Signs With WWE

Supporters behind the WWE were shocked to learn that Simone Alexandra had signed with the WWE. This woman is the daughter of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who has remained silent regarding her contract signing since February 10th. This is when WWE Representatives officially confirmed that Simone Alexandra had joined their roster, with her respective training already beginning in Florida at the WWE Performance Centre. It should be noted that Simone stands as the first 4th generation wrestler in WWE history. Her father, grandfather, and great grandfather all competed in this sport.

The Rock revealed his pride & joy towards Simone acquiring a contract with WWE. Public remarks regarding this situation have been minimal during COVID-19, with Dwayne taking a minor break from social media. Johnson reappeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and remarked that his excitement towards Simone making her respective name in WWE history is undeniable. Every question regarding his daughter prompted a large smile from the formidable wrestler, now A-List Celebrity with multiple franchises under his belt.

Jimmy Fallon provided his congratulations to Simone Alexandra through the Rock, which caused Dwayne to remark his disbelief towards the situation. He’s honoured by the idea of Simone following in his footsteps, while also creating her identity and path in the WWE. Her career will be essential and defining for female wrestlers interested in competing worldwide. It should be noted that Simone Alexandra is the daughter of Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia, his Ex-Wife.

Contract Details

The Rock revealed details regarding Simone’s training. He noted that she’s the youngest contract signee in WWE history, which follows after Simone secretly began training at sixteen. She worked day and night towards obtaining skillsets similar to her father. Multiple injuries ensued, but the Rock’s daughter never stopped persisting towards accomplishing her goal. After hanging in the ring for 24 months, WWE recognized her skillsets and Simone was signed.

Dwayne Johnson didn’t clarify when Simone will experience her professional debut. It could be sooner than expected with a large percentage of the WWE lineup being released from their contracts. Showcasing the Rock’s daughter to millions of fans could bypass any concerns regarding the released wrestlers.