The Return of Matt Hardy

Wrestling supporters are thrilled at the concept that Matt Hardy could return to professional wrestling. This follows after his last contract with the WWE ended last week. It’s now being rumoured that Matt Hardy will return his “Broken Character” to AEW, with his main rival slated to be Kenny Omega. These rumours came after Matt Hardy himself mentioned that he’s got plenty of wrestling left in him, that his preferred opponent would be Kenny Omega and that he’d like a match-up against him in the future. The only way this would be possible is by joining the AEW Wrestling League.

The last time that wrestling supporters got to see Matt Hardy was in April 2017, which is when a surprise appearance was maintained with his brother Jeff Hardy. They both fought at WrestleMania 33, with both having their contracts expired after last week. It’s expected that Jeff Hardy will remain with the WWE, as he’s one of the title characters and performers in that league. When it applies to Matt Hardy, this formidable wrestler has been benched by Vince McMahon since WrestleMania 33.

The Broken Hardy Speaks Up

Matt Hardy expressed that his goal moving forward is to surprise supporters with emotional matches. This former champion wants to entertain audiences with exciting events that leave them guessing what’s going to happen next. Throughout these comments, it was noted that wherever this wrestle goes next will be decided before April 5th. It’ll all depend on the negotiation contracts held by these various wrestling outfits. Regardless of what decision is made, it’s almost guaranteed that Matt Hardy will return to weekly performances.

The Broken Hardy spoke with wrestling reporters over the last few weeks. He mentioned that he’s spoken with both the AEW and Young Bucks. When speaking with these reporters, it was noted that both wrestling leagues know how the industry works and don’t fear to break the fourth wall. This would drastically benefit Matt Hardy, who has also spoken with the National Wrestling Association and Impact Wrestling. This extends to new conversations with NXT, with this being the most unlikely option for Matt Hardy. We’ll keep our readers informed with what wrestling league the Broken Hardy selects in the next thirty days.