The Most Iconic Wrestling Intros of All Time

There’s nothing more electrifying that a fantastic wrestling entrance. Obviously, finishing moves are extraordinary, but some of them don’t even hurt the other wrestler. There’s no denying that stepping into a ring with pyros blasting, music pumping, and the arena losing their minds is just absolutely amazing. It’s for this very reason that we believe wrestling intros are everything in the sport.

Signature wrestling intros tell you everything about the wrestler before even stepping into the ring. From storming out with a fearsome song to appearing with half-naked women and explosives, there’s plenty you could consider as the best. We therefore studied each intro and hand-picked our favorites to provide you with the best wrestling intros of all time.

Degeneration X

DX has undoubtedly the best wrestling intro all of time. Starting off with the popular phrase “Are You Ready?”, you immediately know who is coming to the ring once the green lights come on. In 2009, Shawn Michael’s and Triple H took their unique production to the next phase by adding their own army tank and soldiers to the mix. With pyros shooting just about everywhere, nothing is more entertaining than the ‘Suck It’ line they provide in the center of the ring along with the Rage Against the Machine as their theme song.

Stone Cold

The rattle snake from Texas certainly doesn’t screw around. The infamous Stone Cold Steve Austin is without a doubt the meanest wrestling entertainer in the world to step into the ring and his wrestling intro certainly embodied that. Who else has the ability to pour water over themselves and storm down to the ring while looking awesome?

The Rock

The Rock is undeniably the most energetic man when it comes to sports entertainment. However, its not just his routine or theme song that makes him so unique, but also his crazy aura. There is no one that does it quite like him. Do you think John Cena is trying to compete with that? The moment you hear “If You Smell”, you immediately know what coming next.

Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler is an absolutely stunning woman that fans truly admired and drooled over each time she entered the ring. She was even able to go beyond professional wrestling and become an actress and a model. However, it was her unforgettable entrance that established her career which is where most people started noticing her. No one will ever forget how she bent over to get inside the ring and she was 6-foot tall, making it extremely hard to miss. She truly went places after wrestling.

There’s nothing more bad ass than entering a wrestling ring completely wasted each and every time, then proceeding to smash several beer cans over your forehead, getting everyone around you soaked in it as well. Plus, Metallica’s Sandman as your theme song makes it even more epic.


No one can hate Goldberg. Although he looks like a meathead, there’s no denying that its American and heroic when he walks down with police escort.