The Best NXT TakeOver Moments

Five years ago, NXT managed to provide its first-ever TakeOver event in Florida. Usually outshining it’s PPV WWE counterpart, TakeOver events have led to deliver thrills, and dazzle throughout its five-year life span. Between the very first match that featured Camacho against Adam Rose until the most recent match between Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano, there have been some glorious moments to look back on. It’s for this reason that we decided to take a look back at the most incredible TakeOver moments in the last five years.

NXT TakeOver: 20 May 2017

After they failed to reclaim the prestigious tag team championship in a phenomenal NXT ladder match, the unpredictable occurred to the due of #DIY, Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano. As the event was bound to be taken off the air, Gargano was attacked by Ciampa, creating the evilest character in the history of NXT.

NXT TakeOver: 11 December 2011

This event marked the start of the WWE/NXT version of this lifelong storyline. It provided the most shocking moment when Sami Zayn finally claimed the big one with his career in the NXT on the line. Owens, who made his debut earlier that evening, performed his powerbomb on his friend Zayn.

NXT TakeOver: 5 April 2019

The NXT journey of Johnny Gargano has been challenging and tumultuous, yet gratifying and riveting. After the destruction of the great #DIY tag team during 2017, Gargano decided to chase the NXT championship for more than 12 months. After several unsuccessful attempts, he eventually won the title after defeating Adam Cole.

NXT TakeOver: 7 October 2015

During the first Iron Woman match, as well as the very first women’s match that managed to make NXT headlines, Banks and Bayley certainly didn’t disappoint. Bayley managed to pick up a submission decision with only a couple of seconds remaining on the clock to retain the title.

NXT TakeOver: 1 April 2016

There’s no denying that Asuka was a force to be reckoned with in NXT and could perhaps be considered as the best superstar in the history of the brand. When TakeOver went to Dallas, it sparked the beginning of her women’s championship reign. One that could only end due to her freeing the title after she was graduated onto the main roster.

NXT TakeOver: 19 August 2017

It could have been enough for the title-winning, Drew McIntyre, to make out a list, when the championship was taken from Bobby Roode. However, the exact moment occurred after the match when Adam Cole decided to make a stunning debut where he attacked the brand-new NXT champion.

NXT TakeOver: 18 November 2017

There are more than 30 different War Games matches that stretch between 1987 and 2000; most of them were true classics in the process. During 2017, NXT managed to revive the classic match stipulation from previous years that have passed, and it delivered like no other. This was the time when the undisputed Era was deemed supreme.