The Best Lucha Libre Wrestlers in 2019

To wrestling fans that are more accustomed to WWE, the Lucha Libre world must seem quite bizarre. There are obvious similarities on the surface, such as over-the-top gimmicks and colourful characters that usually rule both. However, that’s where the similarities end as Mexican wrestling is a different kind of beast.

Fortunately, Lucha Underground has bridged the gap since it hit the wrestling world in 2014, bringing major elements of Lucha Libre to its audience that are more accustomed to the WWE format. Lucha Underground has also managed to revitalise the careers of Rey Mysterio and Johnny Mundo post-WWE.

What’s even more impressive is the roster of talent that is currently available in Lucha wrestling, providing a decent selection of women and men. From speedsters and traditional high-flyers to revitalised veterans and dark characters, let’s take a look at the best Lucha wrestling stars in 2019.

Pentagon Jr.

There’s no denying that Pentagon Jr is one of the darkest and most sinister wrestling characters in Lucha Underground and is considered one of the most dangerous wrestlers as well. Breaking opponents arms after a match as a sacrifice to his master, the fearsome figure is currently working for Vampiro. This angle just further enhanced his reputation and has managed to grow in popularity ever since.

Rey Mysterio

When Rey Mysterio left WWE in early 2015, most fans were concerned. Rey was a part-time performer for a couple of years and was even booed when he was 30th during the Royal Rumble in 2014. Refusing to give up, Rey returned to the Mexican wrestling scene and performed well with AAA shows. Lucha Underground showed their interest in the iconic wrestler by signing him up in late 2015 for the second season of the show.

Sexy Star

Sexy Star is the only female on this list and for good reason. She was already an extremely well-known wrestler before she joined Lucha Underground, exposing herself to a brand-new world of possibilities when she took her work to the TV audience in North America. Since then, she has managed to prove that inter-gender matches can be achieved if they are promoted correctly. She also has a good chance to fight against females in WWE in the coming years to further her career as one of the best female wrestlers in existence.


At 26 years old, Fenix still has a decent career ahead of him in terms of wrestling. He managed to light up the world of Lucha Underground when he joined the start-up campaign and has been thriving ever since. He has also produced insane matches against Mil Muertes and King Cuerno, making him one of the best Mexican wrestlers to date.

Prince Puma (Ricochet)

Ricochet should mean something to you unless you’ve been disconnected from the world for the last couple of years. He decided to go under a mask for Lucha Underground and was the first champion for the company. He has held the title for over 200 days and continues to be one of the best wrestlers in Lucha Underground.