The Best Finishing Moves in the History of the WWE

The leg drop from Hulk Hogan managed to build an organisation. However, it’s not considered one of the best finishers of all-time in the WWE. While Hogan body slamming people and hulking up transformed the WWE into the world’s biggest wrestling organisation, his finishing move was rather lame. The WWE’s best finishers have three common traits: a signature user, high impact, and a huge event that managed to place them on the map. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best finishers in the WWE of all-time.

Tombstone Piledriver – Undertaker

The Undertaker undoubtedly takes the top spot on our list with his tombstone piledriver. This finishing move led him to several World Heavyweight championships in the WWE. It’s the ideal move for a man that that comes from Death Valley. What makes his finishing move so good is the creativity behind it which allowed him to never lose a WrestleMania event. Once he flips a man upside-down and places their head between his knees, he drops down on his knees and lets the opponent drop.

5-Star Frog Splash – Rob van Dam

The 5-star Frog Splash takes the second spot on our list. Although other wrestlers have provided some form of the move, like Hornswoggle or Eddie Guerrero, neither of them had the hangtime, air, or sold it in the same way that Rob van Dam did. The height of his move is just plain scary when you realise he is around 13 feet in the air before he crashes down with 220-pounds on his opponent.

Perfect Plex – Mr Perfect

The Perfect Plex is such a simple move, yet its highly effective that was always executed in pure perfection. This finishing move by Mr Perfect is considered the best suplex in this history of the WWE. The simple bridging cradle move from this wrestler is what managed to bring him into the spotlight.

RKO – Randy Orton

Dangerous and quick like a viper, he managed to earn his nickname thanks to this phenomenal move that was previously used by Diamond Dallas Page, known as the Diamond Cutter. There’s no doubt that the RKO is a finishing move that will stop anyone in their tracks when used. It comes in at number 4 as it can pop out at any time and win a match.

Swanton Bomb – Jeff Hardy

Consistent reactions to the Swanton Bomb from Jeff Hardy sounded very much like this: “He is climbing to the very top of the ladder while his opponent is on the table. He won’t do it. Oh My God! He did a Swanton Bomb on his opponent through the table” That is enough to indicate how incredible this finishing move is. This heart-stopping move comes in at number five in true daredevil style. It’s one of the most extreme moves in the history of WWE thanks to the insanity behind it that no one will ever try again.