Tessa Blanchard Terminated Over Controversy

Wrestling supports in North America & Latin America were shocked to hear that Tessa Blanchard from “IMPACT Wrestling” has been fired. She’s had her contracted deemed Null & Void, with her historic world championship title being stripped before it could be defended on July 18th. Tessa Blanchard would’ve competed against Eddie Edwards at Slammiversary, which was a highly anticipated match that won’t ever unfold because of controversial statements subjugated by this Female Wrestling Champion.

IMPACT Wrestling stated that the departure of Tessa Blanchard was implemented because the two parties couldn’t meet a formal agreement on the new contract. PR Representatives mentioned that her deviation from IMPACT Wrestling isn’t involved with controversies that’ve surrounded Tessa Blanchard since becoming Champion.

Liberal analysts reviewed all statements made by this Champion through her social media pages, which revealed many sentiments of racism & intolerance to multiple communities. The current climate seen worldwide doesn’t support this level of hate, with inside sources informing news outlets that her controversies are the genuine reason for Tessa’s termination. It should be mentioned that multiple personnel with IMPACT Wrestling had filed complaints against Tessa for Racism & Bullying.

These horrendous actions from Tessa Blanchard should’ve ended her professional wrestling career. Instead, it’s made her the highest-paid free agent in professional wrestling, which could also not benefit Tessa in the long-term scenario. Wrestling leagues like the WWE & AEW has suffered significant setbacks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Profits have dropped tenfold & could result in her professional career ending during its prime. Tessa Blanchard wouldn’t be the 1st professional wrestler to have lost an opportunity at continued championship status.

AEW Possibilities

Tessa Blanchard might find luck through the AEW Wrestling League. Having a female athlete that’s capable of obtaining championship status against men would be formidable for AEW, who has lacked in their Women’s Division since starting in 2019. Paying Tessa significant funds wouldn’t be possible though, with their profits so low that analysts are questioning if the AEW can survive the COVID-19 pandemic. If they do, Tessa would have to take a significant loss of pay to compete.