Taynara Conti Leaves WWE for AEW

Dedicates supporters of “All Elite Wrestling” were excited to learn that another WWE Superstar has been stolen from Vince McMahon. It was announced on September 10th that Taynara Conti would become a permanent addition to the AEW Lineup, and effective immediately disband all connections with the WWE. This news likely shocked supporters who would’ve already thought Taynara Conti held permanent placement with the AEW. It’s because she’s maintained multiple appearances on the AEW but hadn’t been officially contracted. How her arrangement in episodic weekly stories on “All Elite Wrestling” will unfold wasn’t detailed in her contract announcement.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the martial arts of choice for Taynara Conti, with the female athlete achieving specialist status years before entering professional wrestling. Vince McMahon never thought Taynara Conti could compete against the more prominent female Superstars, often leaving the formidable wrestling to perform under the NXT Division. Organizers with AEW aren’t mimicking what Vince McMahon did with Taynara Conti, allowing her to maintain a substantial role in “All Elite Wrestling” and maintain a notable storyline.

AEW announced the contractual acquisition of Taynara Conti via Twitter, where they’d reveal minutes later that Nyla Rose is booked to compete on September 16th at AEW Dynamite. Inside sources with the AEW have indicated that Taynara Conti will join the “Dark Order” with Anna Jay after competing against Nyla Rose. The Dark Order is the latest faction dominating AEW storylines, and Taynara Conti joining would make strategic sense. Conti & Rose previously competed in the Pairings Division, where they’d reach the Semi-Finals before being defeated.

Taynara Conti’s history in the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment League was limited. Vince McMahon never provided this female athlete ample opportunity to display her skillsets. Conti competed under the NXT Division and was often sidelined against other female wrestlers. When WWE released Taynara Conti from her contract, citing budget cuts associated with COVID-19, it provided her with an opportunity to become an AEW Superstar. Organizers with the AEW have promised that wrestling supporters will witness Taynara Conti’s range of skillsets over next month. It’ll be interesting to see how Conti’s storyline with the Dark Order unfolds before October 15th.