Successful WWE Careers

Often the arrival of newbies debuting into the ring is surrounded with much anticipation and excitement and then not soon afterwards, is transformed into a terrible collapse. Dreams of promoters are shattered as the prospects of these game-changers evaporate into thin air. Sami Zayn entered the roster to be a ruthless force, yet he turned out to be so extremely annoying even the commentators have to sigh when he is around. Goldberg entered with his focus set on the Rock, but nothing came of that when he became Triple H’s target. The opposite is also sometimes the case when a terrible debut into the ring becomes the foundation of a brilliant career.

Steve Austin

Austin was brought into the ring by WWF with the image of being a drab man who was good at wrestling. They didn’t expect the audience to care about him, but then Austin started talking in his Texas accent, ending every sentence with the word – man. This caught the attention of the audience and was the start of his brilliant career. Austin was an all-time phenomenal entertainer who performed brilliantly in a role where he was completely miscast.


In Ohio Valley Wrestling he was known as the Leviathan, but moving on to WWE, he got dressed in a suit like an evil reverend. During SmackDown on the 9th of May 2002, everyone, including The Deacon, stood mystified about what the plan was supposed to be. When this silly experiment was dropped, Batista immerged to be a bright and brilliant headliner in constant rivalry with Triple H. His cool character evolved into brilliance and moved him on to Hollywood.

Kazuchika Okada

Okada made a positive return after the LOLTNA excursion and re-debuted in New Japan Pro Wrestling with his Rainmaker tactics at the Wrestle Kingdom VI. He didn’t look the part and appeared more like a teenager immersed in foolish awkwardness. His fights were seemingly rushed and bland, but he took his belt and later on his status too. Through brilliant perfection, Okada became the top star in his company. Okada managed to master every version of classic wrestling all at once, the one adding on to the other, starting slow and speeding up into high drama, delivering on excellent entertainment.

Eddie Guerro

During a shocking initial appearance on RAW, Guerro had a freak accident which caused an elbow injury in the next episode of SmackDown. Guerro panicked, and that made for a sudden and revealing finish from his side, not the way things were planned to go. He was later on described as just OK and maybe even worse by managers. Guerro managed to win the likings of not only management but also everybody else. He had a rogue charm which worked in his favour, and he was allowed to develop his personality inside the ring. Even though his WWE Heavyweight Title win was a fraud to be beneficial to the storyline, Guerro developed into a brilliant pro wrestler but even more critical, a charismatic sports entertainer.