Steve Austin on Retirement

It’s been seventeen years since wrestling enthusiasts lost one of their most notable athletes, Steve Austin. This Hall of Famer retired in 2003, determining that the sport was causing to much damage to the body. Austin experienced substantial neck injuries after a failed piledriver, which had begun to plague him throughout training and matches. This prompted an early retirement from Austin, who could’ve experienced a prolonged career similar to the Undertaker. For the first time since those events transpired, Steve Austin has spoken about those prior events. Speaking with the Bleacher Report, interviewers asked if he’d missed wrestling since retirement. Austin expressed that it’s been nearly two decades and that he’s moved on, with the desire to wrestle being minimal.

Steve Austin mentioned that the WWE continually had expressed interest in re-signing him to the league. However, all contracts offered have been denied by the Hall of Famer. Austin did note that he’s thought about returning at his prime age, using his acquired knowledge to take down previous legends. This could’ve meant battles between John Cena, Edge and Randy Orton. It should be noted that the extensive training involved with wrestling would be too challenging for Austin. This hasn’t stopped him from appearing in promotional events for the WWE, using his stature in the league to garnish popularity for other fights. This included previous arguments with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, which has god down in the WWE Gold Vault.

How Retirement is Spent

Steve Austin was then question on how he spends his retirement. The Hall of Famer expressed that the majority of his time goes towards drinking, fishing and hunting. This privacy in nature provides him with the peace required after walking away from professional wrestling. Doctors expressed that the continuous concussions experienced throughout practices and matchups was causing substantial neurological damage. Medical assistance allowed Austin to recover and live a normalized life. However, Steve mentioned that deciding to retire was the most challenging in his life. When you are the toughest man in the league and respected by fellow peers, the decision the leave isn’t easy. At some point, the choice of health over-popularity must be made. This doesn’t mean that Steve Austin has disappeared from the World Wrestling Entertainment Network. He maintains a television show called the Broken Skull, which is intended to be a pun towards his situation. This interview-based television show has hosted the Undertaker, Kane and multiple other stars in the WWE.