SmackDown Cancelled with Coronavirus Concerns

Wrestling supporters understood after WWE Representatives confirmed that SmackDown on March 13th would be cancelled as a live event. This followed after the increasing concerns surrounding the coronavirus, with WrestleMania 36 still being reviewed before a confirmed cancellation. Detroit was slated to host SmackDown this week at the Little Caesars Arena. Instead of being entirely cancelled, which wouldn’t disappoint numerous fans, this venue is being relocated to the WWE-Owned “Orlando Performance Centre”. Supporters won’t be allowed to attend these Performance Centre venues going forward, which was commonly permitted with entertainment properties like NXT. The official statements made by the representative noted that this strategy would continue to be implemented to avoid an outbreak amongst their wrestlers. Following the potential outbreak amongst these wrestlers, WWE has a contingency plan that will cancel both RAW and SmackDown for a prolonged period.

Vince McMahon wasn’t excited at the concept of shutting down his respective sports leagues. Those include the Extreme Football League and the World Wrestling Entertainment Company. He was forced into this decision after multiple sports leagues throughout North America made their respective cancellations. Those include the National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, National Football League, Major League Soccer and Major League Baseball. Additional cancellations came throughout numerous other industries as well. These postponements and respective cancellations follow after the increasing pandemic of COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus. It should be noted that North America is expected to become worse than the European Union and Asia.

The Full List of WWE Cancellations

COVID-19 couldn’t have come at a more inconvenient time for the WWE. Their WrestleMania Weekly Events had just begun the week before the World Health Organization declaring the novel coronavirus a global pandemic. This declaration prompted the immediate cancellation of weekly arena shows, community events and fan festivals. This is because medical experts are recommending to world politicians that mass gatherings of 100+ people shouldn’t be permitted. It’s expected that WWE will lose more than $165 million in 2020 by abiding by these cancellation protocols. Higher figures have been estimated for Vince McMahons XFL, which has quickly become more popular than the National Football League. Upwards of $189 Million could be lost for the XFL throughout 2020.