If you are a big fan of shoot interviews, this may be another one to add to your collection. Tucold and WildBBrown sit down for an exclusive interview with ECW’s very own Jason Knight for a no holds barred SHOOT. Being a friend of Jason made this interview get very funny as he shares stories on the first time he met Brian Pillman, Balls Mahoney and New Jack, some of the funniest stuff you’ll hear in a few crazy stories. And the interview will get very personal, deep with emotion as he talks about the wrestl;ers pushing the limit to get noticed, the deaths of Louie Spicolli, Brian Pillman and Bobby Duncum Jr and a real hard hitting shoot on Melanie Pillman. He also shares info about some of his heat with Raven, How he and the Impact Players crew REALLY feel about each other behind the scenes, the WCW stuff that he shoots on with people who don’t know anything about wrestling and others that won’t leave when their time is due and how Nicole Bass was the most uncooperative person he ever worked with. HE talks about backyard wrestling promotions,and schools, the indy scene, how he got started, where he has been, how he met Paul Heyman where he shares some of their battles, firings and returns, and how he came up with the name “the Sexiest Man Alive”. He talks about Todd Gorden and Eddie Gilbert and the split with Heyman booking, his trips to the orient and some comparisons between the products here and there, the first ECW PPV in 1997, The WWF taking the ECW formula of hardcore wrestling and much more to write about. Hell, we even ask him about the rumors on the net some time back that he was acused of checking peckers in the lockerooms and if he was gay. A no holds barred shoot for sure with some good stories and eight wrestling matches featuring Jason from five different promotions. Total time 4 hours. if you would like more information on the Shoot Interview with Jason Knight, just let me know.
Thank You

S1-Ian Rotten Hotel Interview 94
ECW Convention Table Talk 95
IWA Memorial Day Mayhem-Booneville, IN (5-27-95) 1st US Tack Match

S2-Slamboree 94 Slam Meet (2 Handhelds)
Lord Steven Regal Hotel Shoot Interview 94
Jesse Ventura Slam Meet Interview 94
Looking for Mr. Gilbert (Eddie Gilbert Shoot Interview)

S16-NWA Eddie Gilbert Convention Handheld (4-12-97)
NWA Q&A; Breakfast (4-13-97)
ECW Arena prior to their first PPV on (4-13-97) Handheld

S17-Ian Rotten’s Eddie Gilbert Show (IWA 4-97)
Konnan Shoot Interview Hotel 95
ECWA Super 8 Lightweight Tournament (3-21-98)

S18-ECW Terry Funk Tribute Banquet (4-12-97)

S19-Cauliflower Alley Club Banquet Emceed by Gorden Solie (NJ 10-1-94)

S20-Cauliflower Alley Club Banquet (NJ 9-30-95)

S21-Cauliflower Alley Club Banquet (NJ 10-5-96)

S22-Cauliflower Alley Club Banquet (NJ 10-7-97)

S23-Cauliflower Alley Club Banquet (Tampa, Fl 10-96)

S24-Ricky Morton Shoot Interview 98

S28-Bobby Fulton Shoot Interview

S29-Jason Knight Shoot Interview 2-29-00(BBrownVideo)

S31-Crash Holly Shoot Interview 97

S33-Iron Shiek-Shooting from the Hump

S34-Rob Van Dam Exposed 2000-The Whole F’N Shoot

S37-Bobby Eaton Shoot Interview 2000

S38-The Bushwhackers Shoot Interview 2000

S42- Greg Valentine Shoot Interview 2000

S44-Chris Chetti Shoot Interview 2000

S45-Matt Borne Shoot Interview 2000
Little Guido Shoot Interview 2000

S46-Dennis Carluzzo Shoot Interview

S47-Big Dick Dudley Shoot Interview 2000

S48-Missy Hyatt Shoot Interview 2000

S50-Ivan Koloff Shoot Interview

S51-The Iron Shiek Shoot Interview 2000

S53-Captain Lou Albano Shoot Interview 2000

S54-Kid Kash Shoot Interview 2000

S57-Tito Santana Shoot Interview 2001

S58-Pat Tanaka Shoot Interview 2001
Virgil Shoot Iterview 2001

S59-Chris Candido Shoot Interview 2001

S61-Manny Fernandez Shoot Interview 2000
George South Shoot Interview

S66-Tony Atlas Shoot Interview
Abdullah The Butcher Shoot Interview (old)
Bruiser Brody Shoot Interview
Paul Vachon Shoot Interview
Art Barr Shoot Interview
Playboy Buddy Rose Shoot Interview

S67-Nova Shoot Interview 2000

S68-Ox Baker Shoot Interview

S69-Ian Rotten Shoot Interview

S74-Chris Champion Shoot Interview 2001

S85-Mad Man Pondo Shoot Interview 2001

S86-Masked Superstar Shoot Interview 11-12-01

S87-Larry Zbzszko Shoot Interview 2001

S100-Sherri Martel Shoot Interview 2001 (SM Video) XPW Press Conference 2001 (Onita and Sabu Attack)

S103-C.W. Anderson Shoot Interview 2002(H.Spot)

S115-Daffney Unger Shoot Interview 2001(W.U.)

S116-Balls Mahoney Shoot Interview 2001(W.U.)

S117-Devon Storm Shoot Interview 2002(W.U.)

S118-Jack Brisco Shoot Interview 2002

S119-Norman Smiley Shoot Interview 2002(H.Spots)

S120-Gary Michael Capeta Shoot Interview 2002(H.Spots)

S124-Ricky The Dragon Steamboat Training Session

S126-Dan Severn Shoot Interview 2002

S129-Magnum TA Shoot Interview 2002

S131-The Messiah Shoot Interview 2002(SM Best of Indies 3)

S132-Mike Awesome Shoot Interview 2003

S134-Jerry Lynn Shoot Interview 2003(W.U.)

S135-Bam Bam Bigelow Shoot Interview 2003(W.U.)
Tracy Smothers Shoot Interview(S.M.)

S136-Bull Pain Shoot Interview 2-22-03(S.M.)

S139-Nicole Bass Shoot Interview (W.U.)

S140-Rowdy Roddy Piper BlackBalled Video
Rowdy Roddy Piper’s ” The Ghost Tape”

S141-Shocker Shoot Interview (W.U.)
# 1 Paul Jones Shoot Interview

S145-Nick Bockwinkle Shoot Interview 2003 (S.M.)

S151-Fanslam Shoot Session 12-6-03 with
David Schultz
Missing Link
Ted Dibiasi and Virgil
Chief Jay Strongbow Shoot Interview

S152-Fan Slam Shoot Interviews-WrestleMania Reunion 2004

S153-Rowdy Roddy Piper SHoot Interview (H.S.)

S154-Tommy Young Shoot Interview

S158-Jimmy Valient Shoot Interview 12/28/99 (HS)

S159-Mike Lockwood Shoot Interview 6/25/03 (HS)

S160-Ole Anderson Shoot INterview 2003 (HS)
Dewey Missing Link RObinson 2003 (HS)

S161-Jim Cornette & Guests Q&A; Mid Atlantic Convention 2003

S164-C.W. Anderson Shoot INterview 2004 (HS)

S165-Dory Funk Jr Shoot INterview 2004 (HS)
AJ Styles Shoot Interview 9/24/03

S166-Jimmy Hart Shoot INterview 2004 (HS)
The Shooting Range 2004

S169-CH/SB-Vampiro Shoot Interview 1/8/04 (MLW)

S171-Wrestling Reunion 6/5/04 (Hansen,Martel,Bees,Putski,Patera,ETC)

KKS1-Holy Shoot: Kid Kash-No Holding Back from BBrownVideo(DVD or VHS)

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