Shaq Brings In the Viewers for AEW

All Elite Wrestling neared a million viewers between November 29th to December 6th, which is influential & shows the quick dominance that AEW has sustained over the WWE. Analysts knew it wouldn’t be long before broadcast numbers exceeded past a million, which arrived on December 9th. Increased viewership arrived after learning of the special guest-star & the famed wrestler making his first appearance in the ring for years.

AEW Dynamite on Wednesday’s saw 1.2 million viewers, the highest volume in company history. That peak viewership was sustained during the Shaq Segment, which saw the influential basketball player become drenches in water for talking to much smack against a female wrestler. Obviously for show, supporters thought the Shaq Segment was hysterical & deserved reposting on social media. Hundreds of thousands of additional views have been sustained since December 9th.

Jade Cargill & Shaquille O’Neal were seen on the same Segment, with Shaq emphasizing his fanfare behind the female wrestler. Shaq noted that what Jade Cargill has done to Brandi Rhodes arm wasn’t right, with the basketball legend than evoking love towards the Rhodes family & their numerous accomplishments. Shaq mentioned that he cannot wait to witness Brandi compete against Jade, which saw Cargill become angered.

Unexpected Turn of Events

The Segment continued with Shaq going to shake hands with Brandi Rhodes, which was done politely. He would than threw a fist towards Rhodes broken arm unexpectedly & then said she should learn from Jade Cargill, which revealed Shaq’s true intentions. This caused anger throughout Brandi Rhodes & prompted her to throw an unknown drink towards the basketball legend. He would be doused, looking shocked by what had unfolded. In response, Jade Cargill promised the knockout & destruction of Brandi Rhodes. Shaq’s Segment received the highest viewership, with the second highest volume arriving when an unforgettable & legendary wrestler returned to TNAs All Elite Wrestler. Sting’s Segment saw 1.069 Million viewers.