Roman Reigns Comes Clean at WWE

It’s only recently that Roman Reigns fully understood what occurred in Providence, Rhode Island that evening. It was Monday Night Raw during late October, and while he was making his way from the wrestling locker room to the all too familiar sounds of adoring fans, Roman Reigns had a great deal on his mind. However, he was at a complete loss for words.

Roman Reigns Tells the World He is Mortal

While wearing his out of competition attire, which included jeans and a black T-shirt along with his hair pulled back and his gold and red championship belt over his shoulder, Roman Reigns made his way down to the ring, stony-eyed. For all the bruises and bumps he had endured over his wrestling career, nothing would be quite as painful as the unexpected message that he was about to broadcast to the world of WWE.

The ground underneath him started to shake violently. His wrestling career, a sport that he poured everything into, was in complete doubt. Reigns were essentially tearing himself apart. This is because as quickly as Roman Reigns climbed within the wrestling world as the main-event wrestler, he had to come clean and tell the world that he is in fact mortal due to an illness. He had to say to the world that he was Joseph Anoa’i, an actual person that is currently suffering from leukaemia.

Roman Reigns knew about his health, as well as the upcoming interruption, and the surrendering of the Universal title for almost a week. However, as the seconds ticked away during Monday Night Raw, he was undoubtedly conflicted.

“Do I simply tell everyone that I cannot perform and leave it there, or do I open up completely and share what’s going on with me?” Roman Reigns stated to reporters recently. “I’ve always managed to separate myself from my wrestling character perfectly. I’m quite private, and I will always be that way. However, I felt that this is something that I couldn’t keep to myself anymore. I believed that a release of pressure would occur if everyone knew what was happening with me.”

Roman Reigns decided to reveal it all. This was a sharp contrast since the first time he was diagnosed when he was only 22 years old. At that time, only his inner circle was aware of what was happening to the wrestling superstar. Roman Reigns was well aware that his announcement would ignite a strong reaction, although he wasn’t too sure as to what that might be.

He intended not to make it out to be a story of pity. He also didn’t want to make it about the rise and fall of the biggest wrestler in the WWE. However, he felt obliged to fully embrace the fear as stepping away from his wrestling persona and providing full transparency of his illness would allow his fans that are dealing with life-threatening illnesses as well to relate. He would essentially provide hope to these fans, and it worked out in his favour.