Rocky Johnson Passes Away at 75

One of wrestling’s most notable Hall of Famers has passed away. Rocky Johnson passed away from natural causes at seventy-five years of age, with millions coming to support his family with condolences. It took two days but Rocky’s son, Dwayne Johnson, has paid tribute to his father through Instagram. The wrestler turned actor expressed that his father had broken colour barrier and became a legend in the ring. Dwayne Johnson noted that his father blazed through this world when he was a boy, where he’d watch and adore his father. Johnson continued his tribute by saying that his father made him proud of their culture and Hawaiian personality. That his father raised him with tough love and intense work to create a strong man down the line. It’s become of Rocky Johnson that Dwayne acquired the best qualities seen in Hollywood.

Dwayne Johnson finished his heartfelt tribute by saying that man to man; his adoration turned into respect for his father. That his empathy turned into gratitude for the life he gave and the lessons he taught over time. Johnson expressed that he wished he could tell his father I love you one last time before crossing over time. It was noted how he’s in pain, but just like the mana of the Hawaiians, it’ll pass. That the work ethic he taught him won’t fail and that he hopes his trailblazing soul can rest in peace. Without any pain or regret to hold him unsatisfied. Johnson completed the tribute by mentioning that his father lived a full life that broke barriers and that he will forever love him, be proud of him and be grateful for him.

Dwayne Johnson’s Achievements

Though Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is going through an upsetting period in his life, the actor won’t determinate from his formidable achievements. Dwayne had a close relationship with his father, becoming a professional wrestler in the WWE. Johnson would go to have tremendous success and become the first wrestler to turn into an actor. Today, the rock is considered an A-List Celebrity that earns 25+ million for his appearance in a film. He’s used his presence in Hollywood to educate the public on working out, eating right and having the right mindset. When looking back on how similar these two men lived their lives, it’s not shocking that Dwayne is destroyed emotionally right now. However, he is one of the strongest men in Hollywood and will bounce back better than before.