Riddle Signs New WWE Contract

Fanatics familiar with the wrestlers rostered to Vince McMahon’s WWE have adored storylines surrounding Riddle, with speculation regarding if the prominent wrestler would remain with the WWE or transfer to AEW for an increased salary. Announcements have been issued by representatives of the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment Company, notifying supports that Riddle has been resigned for three years under a maximum of $1.2 Million in salary. Bonuses are maintained under the condition that Riddle wrestles in the Saudi Arabian Kingdom, which’ll earn the athletic personality an additional $50,000.00 per appearance. This updated contract will become effective in September 2021.

Inside sources notified media outlets that initially, Riddle wasn’t expected to renew with the WWE after his contract ends in August 2021. There’ll be several days where Riddle is considered a free agent with ties to the WWE. Renewal wasn’t considered because the monetary compensation being offered was minimal. Negotiations saw Riddle demand enhanced salaries for his services, with $400,000.00 per year being agreed. Discussions surrounding Riddle’s contract became a timely matter. The WWE requested contract renewal before WWEs calendar switched to 2021.

Riddle was first signed to the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment Company in 2018, sustaining a three-year contract that’s ending in the next eight months. Inside sources that notified media outlets of Riddle’s expected departure recanted their statements, while confirming Vince McMahon had resigned the prominent wrestler that’s gaining notable attention from supporters in America & Canada.

Considering Vince McMahon doesn’t hold priority control over American-broadcasted wrestling anymore, the Chief Executive Officer of WWE wouldn’t allow a prominent character leave. Most wrestlers haven’t obtained prominent salaries similar to Riddle, showing that popularity still factors into contract negotiations during the Covid Era. Individuals familiar with Riddle know he’s sustaining an upcoming title shot for “WWE United States Champion”. It’ll mean a notable clash against Bobby Lashley is looming for Riddle. Official confirmations on that matchup haven’t been provided, with inside sources mentioning January 31st at the Royal Rumble PPV.