Rare Wrestling DVD’s That Every Collector Should Own

As a seller and collector of WWE DVD’s, you’ll notice that some of them are extremely difficult to find. Even if you do find them, they come with an eye-watering price tag that is usually too much to fork out. However, if you are interested in collecting the rarest WWE DVD’s in the world, you’ve come to the right place. We compiled a list of the rarest WWE DVD’s on the planet and explain why they are so valuable.

WWE Raw Homecoming

This WWE DVD was initially sold as an exclusive double pack at Wal-Mart along with WrestleMania 20. It had an extremely short shelf life due to the fact that it was pulled following the tragedy of Chris Benoit as he was featured on the DVD. It currently goes for $100 if it’s used and around $160 if it’s still sealed.

WWE Judgement Day 2002

This was considered the first official WWE DVD release after the company decided to change their name. The DVD could only be purchased on the official WWE online store for a limited time. This version is the USA release and not the one that was released in Canada. The DVD release number is WWE59316. The WWE Judgement Day DVD normally goes for around $175 if used. However, we’ve seen the DVD sell for around $500 if its still sealed.

Best of the WWF 2001

This wrestling DVD was released exclusively in Canada and is on high demand in America. The DVD comes equipped with the top 10 best matches that occurred in 2001 and also features some of the best moments from that year. It was also broadcasted on television towards the end of 2001 and was also a special on New Year’s on RAW. The price tag for this DVD is around $125.

Trish Stratus 100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed (Collectors Edition)

This is one DVD that is impossible to find. It was initially released as an FYE exclusive and also come equipped with a Trish bobblehead. This is one DVD collectable that you see pictures of or read about but can never seem to find it. If you lucky enough to stumble on this DVD, you can expect to pay around $200.

WWE Vengeance 2002

This WWE DVD was only available through the WWE online store. So, if you were unable to purchase it then, you’ll struggle to find it now. This was on sale for a brief moment before it was pulled. This DVD features the last PPV where you could see The Rock claim the WWE Championship before he lost it to Brock Lesnar a month later. This WWE DVD will cost you around $110 if it’s used and around $300 if it’s still sealed.

WrestleMania 17

This is arguably the best WrestleMania to date as it featured tons of sensational matches and an unexpected main event. Due to the short shelf life and high demand, it will come with a price tag of around $100.