Randy Orton Talks AEW Rumors

Randy Orton, one of the most famous superstars in the WWE, appeared on the latest episode of After the Bell. He spoke with Corey Graves on various topics regarding the two-decade veterans’ career. The subject changed to the recent rumours that Randy Orton would be joining the AEW, following the likes of Chris Jericho. He confirmed on the podcast that he would remain with the company and detailed how the decision-making process followed. These rumours began three months before AEW releasing on live television, with most not knowing that Orton had just signed another multi-year contract with the WWE.

This didn’t stop the infamous viper from teasing his fans, which he is known for doing from time to time. Randy Orton dropped multiple references towards the AEW, which sparked significant speculation through his social media. News outlets worldwide began reporting that Randy Orton would leave the WWE for AEW as the leading contender. Trolling fans hasn’t ever been so easy, as claimed by Orton. He iterated to fans that just days before this fake news, wrestling outlets had confirmed his new contract with the WWE. Randy even went as far as to say that he wouldn’t join the AEW, that he knows what kind of people Cody Rhodes and Will Ospreay are in a conference room.

Randy Orton’s Presence in the WWE

Randy Orton hasn’t been as active of a wrestler in 2019. Corey Graves questioned him on After the Bell as to why he has had a lower presence in the WWE. Orton confirmed that this had been a mutual decision between himself and the wrestling league, allowing the ageing superstar to spend more time with his children and wife. He noted in the podcast that he never plans on leaving the WWE and will wrestle professional till he’s unwanted by the fans. Since Orton has a wrestling persona similar to the Undertakes, he can go upwards of five decades wrestling for the WWE.

Randy also commented on the state of wrestling, mentioning that he has been spending more time watching other leagues and appreciating their various styles. Some believe that Orton is tactically viewing these other leagues to learn new combinations for the WWE Ring. The superstar finished the podcast by saying he’s happy at this point in his life and that his efforts will be well worth it by the end of everything. Simply put, Randy Orton isn’t going anywhere.