Randy Orton Angers Vince McMahon

Social media has become an integral part for athletes worldwide. It’s enabled them to contact their audiences on personal levels, while also utilizing their platforms to increase their public presence & financial gain. This was proven again by Randy Orton, a WWE Superstar that’s been known to previously engage with social media to garner popularity behind his matches. This time his actions weren’t approved by Vince McMahon, the CEO of Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment.

Randy Orton tried assisting the NXT 2019 Champion in obtaining a contract with Vince McMahon’s WWE. This was accomplished by the two men engaging in violent discussions through Twitter, trying to garner the sympathies & excitement of supporters. Their goal was accomplished hours after being initiated, with Tommaso Ciampa coming out victorious on their argument. Vince McMahon saw these online discussions & immediately contacted their agents to inform the wrestlers that a match wouldn’t be set. The actions of Tommaso Ciampa & Randy Orton could see the NXT Champion never permitted into the WWE.

Details regarding the situation between Randy Orton & Tommaso Ciampa was revealed through the “Wrestling Observer Podcast”. Data revealed that these two men were trying to structure a rivalry, with the Viper not having a formidable rival since John Cena more than 10+ years ago. After obtaining this data from inside sources, the Wrestling Observer Podcast contacted Vince McMahon. The chief executive officer noted that WWE Corporate Division hasn’t any creative plans regarding these two men & that Randy Orton will continue to play a minimal role in Monday Night’s RAW. This follows after popularity for the Viper has dwindled since 2010, with other athletes like AJ Styles and Braun Strowman.

The Cash

It should be mentioned that money matters most to Vince McMahon. This CEO will match these two men if online popularity for their match is shown to extensive levels. It’s been seen before with Vince McMahon, previously disregarding that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson & John Cena would fight at WrestleMania in 2012. However, popularity behind these two men was considerably higher. Fans of professional wrestling shouldn’t expect Randy Orton to battle Tommaso Ciampa anytime soon.