Putting Women’s Wrestling Revolution on the Backburner

With women gaining influence everywhere in a traditionally male-dominated world, it was no surprise when women wanted their piece of the pie in the wrestling world as well. Hence in 2016, Rhode Island was the location for the foundation of the historical turn and an indication of progress in the WWE when the Women’s Wrestling Revolution was founded. Now the signs being reflected from the WWE are clear that they are no longer as interested in the Women’s Wrestling Revolution and it seems that it is dying a silent death.

The Absence of Ronda Rousey

The management of WWE loved Ronda Rousey because she was star quality. Even though the Women’s Wrestling Revolution did continue and women’s wrestling still did fine for a while without her, it did slowly start to deteriorate after Rousey decided to leave the ring to start a family of her own.

The Saudi Deal

Another significant indication that WWE is not as much interested in developing the Women’s Wrestling Revolution anymore is rooted in its continuation of the Saudi deal. Since women aren’t allowed to fight in this country, it is a purely male-dominated event happening many times every year. No efforts are made from the WWE side to counterbalance this with organizing female-only pay-per-view events which one would expect to be the most balanced way to continue while carrying on in Saudi. Nothing of the kind happens, and female wrestlers have to be at peace with it.

What Happened to Ember Moon?

Considered to be one of the greatest females which the NXT roster delivered thus far is the name of Ember Moon. After some great performances, she was surely expected to be leading in the Women’s Wrestling Revolution, yet she is nowhere to be seen. This brings us back to the age-old statement that WWE only presents those who will deliver a quick return on investment for them. Surely if the Women’s Wrestling Revolution were important enough to them, then the most celebrated female wrestlers would have been represented on the roster.

Tag Team Titles in Women’s League Almost Completely Ignored

WWE’s lack of interest in the Women’s Wrestling Revolution is visible in the underuse of the women’s tag team lines. It is almost as if after Bayley and Banks have won the titles, they started to die a slow death. So much so that fans are almost forgetting that there is such a thing in women’s wrestling. Less and less are seen of this kind of events which would be a great way to move forward in the sport and with the promoting the Women’s Wrestling Revolution. Even the famous Kabuki Warriors are featuring remarkably less, testifying to WWE’s complete lack of interest.

The signs are clear that the WWE is no longer committed to supporting the Women’s Wrestling Revolution or to enhancing the careers of female wrestlers unless they can create a significant revenue fast. It is safe to assume that in the end, it might disappear altogether.