Paul Levesque Heir to WWE

Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment, it’s a name synonymous with millions worldwide. It’s an empire that began on July 6th during 1953 with the existence of Capitol Wrestling Corp. After three decades under that namesake & branding, Vincent James McMahon would gift his son the CWC. Vincent Kennedy McMahon would rebrand his father’s empire into the “Worldwide Wrestling Federation” between 1982 to 2003. After another three decades under the sake namesake, another rebranding occurred & Vince McMahon changed the WWF into World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. WWE would brand out into film, football, podcasts, music, and magazines.

Standing healthy at 74, It’s known that Vincent Kennedy McMahon will have to step down as WWE Chief Executive Officer. Most experts believe that Vince will wait until 2022 to transfer ownership to another, which would allow McMahon to finish his tenure at four decades. Speculations regarding who the successor will have begun growing with each passing year. Most believed it’d be given to Shane or Stephanie McMahon, the two children of Vince McMahon. Now inside sources claim that Paul Levesque (Triple-H) will be given ownership of the WWE. It’d make the most logical sense with the former wrestler, now turned into a corporate leader, who’s been groomed by Vince McMahon for WWE ownership.

Inside Source Revealed

Jim Ross is a legendary sports commentator in the WWE Community. After speculation arose regarding the next leader for World Wrestling Entertainment Inc, Jim Ross would be revealed as the inside source. JR indicated that if told to wager on who would obtain WWE ownership, he’d bet on Paul Levesque every time. Considering that Jim Ross would see Vince McMahon & Triple-H engage frequently, his insight has been considered proof that Paul will take the role of Chief Executive Officer.

Ross finalized his sentiments to sports reporters that Vince McMahon has secretly been preparing Paul Levesque in various ways. He remarked that Triple-H was known to be a “WWE Lifer” shortly into his career. The level of control showed by Paul Levesque gave Vince McMahon confidence that this broadening man could handle more responsibilities. He never drank or participated in drugs, always living a sober & healthy lifestyle.