Pac Returning to AEW After Travel Restrictions

All Elite Wrestling has become known for stealing superstars from the WWE. It’s created numerous problems for Vince McMahon, with the WWE Chief Executive Officer having to acquire new & old wrestlers to account for those that’ve parted ways with his decades-old brand. Benjamin Satterley was one of the initial wrestlers that left the WWE for AEW Dynamite. He’d be one of their first signees, prompting a change in character & storyline. When Satterley competed under Vince McMahon’s WWE, his wrestling alter-ego was named Neville. His storyline was undervalued after become champion of NXT multiple times.

It prompted Benjamin Satterley to negotiate with AEW Dynamite, which proved itself an intelligent decision. His prominent rise throughout All Elite Wrestling has made him a household icon for supporters. Dedicated fans were disappointed with Benjamin Satterley (Pac) couldn’t compete for several months. The Covid-19 Pandemic forced the United Kingdom to implement severe & consistent travel restrictions. Great Britain’s Parliament finally has permitted Benjamin Satterley transport to the United States. His reappearance on AEW Dynamite on November 4th & will also compete on the Full Gear PPV during Veterans Day.

Victorious Championships

When competing at Neville in the WWE, Benjamin Satterley would acquire the NXT Championship in 2013. The following year would see Neville acquire back-to-back NXT Tag Team Championships. Normally, Vince McMahon would allow the winner of NXT to make his or her formal appearance on the WWE. However, Neville wasn’t ever selected for RAW or Smackdown. After waiting nearly four years for placement into the WWE, Benjamin Satterley would begin negotiations with All Elite Wrestling.

It should be noted that before joining AEW, Benjamin Satterley would acquire the Cruiserweight Championship twice. It’s not known why storylines surrounding Neville continued to disappoint fans. Some speculated that McMahon was purposely sabotaging Satterley following personal disputes in 2013. However, there hasn’t ever been clarification from either party on that speculation.

Details regarding how All Elite Wrestling will reintroduce Benjamin Satterley into weekly episodic events isn’t known. However, AEW confirmed that his storyline will create drama & shatter previous leaders on the roster. It’s not surprising considering that Satterley is similar to Chris Jericho, a pivoting point for AEWs popularity. He’ll always be treated with special treatment from executives.