1.Mark Henry vs Mark Fegly
2.–Cornette with Cage and Toland promo/Disciples of Synn out
3.–Review Damaja promo last week and news
4.–Cornette with Johnny Jeter-gets WWE Contract-Dinsmore/Revolution
5.–Jerry Lawler promo Studio
6.Jillian Hall vs Passion
7.Dinsmore and Johnny Jeter vs Cade and Jindrak

1.Mark Magnus vs John Finnegan
2. L/W Review-Cornette with Nick Dinsmore-Call out Damaja
3.Tag Champions Cage and Toland vs Disciples of Synn
4.–Chris Jericho promo/ Johnny Jeter with Jim Cornette
5.Mark Henry vs Mike Taylor-Attacks Matt Morgan
6.–Cornette with Matt Morgan Irate
7.OVW Champion Machine vs Johnny Jeter

1.Disciples of Synn vs Tough Enough Cappatelli and John(REVERSAL)
2.–Cornette with The Revolution-Dump Jackie Gayda
3.Jillian Hall vs Passion
4.–Jim Cornette with Mark Magnus and 8 feet of Leather
5.Damaja vs Rob Conway

1.Tough Enough vs Mark Magnus and Nick Dinsmore
2.–Cornette with Damaja-Machine Out
3.Passion and Nikita vs Jillian Hall and Chris Kay
4.–Cornette with Kenny Bowlin and Mark Henry and Bolin Services
5.Johnny Spade vs Johnny Jeter
6.Mark Magnus vs Mark Henry

1.Cornette Opens with Nick Dinsmore and Danny Davis and Award
2.–Brock Lesner promo on OVW 1 year anneversary
3.Tag Champions Adrenaline vs Disciples of Synn
4.–Cornette with Bolin Services-John Cena debates-John, Morgan
5.–Jim Ross promo about OVW
6.Nikita, Mark Magnus, Rob Conway vs Victoria,Rico, Johnny Jeter
7.Mark Magnus vs Big Bad John-Cena refs

1.NIck Dinsmore vs Big Bad John
2.–Cornette with Nova and Adrenaline-Nova wants Tank Out
3.OVW Tag Champ Tank Tolland vs Nova-Nova Heels and Injures Neck
4.–Damaja Promo in ring
5.Carlos Colon(DEBUT) vs Mike Mondo
6.OVW Champion Johnny Jeter vs Nick Dinsmore

9/20/03 Best of Review Show
1.OVW Tag Champions Adrenaline vs Disciples of Sinn
2.Kurt Angle vs Damaja-Revolution-and Review and Videos
3.Loser Leaves OVW- Champion Damaja vs Machine

1.Tough Enough and Johnny Jeter vs Magnus, Conway, Spade
2.–Cornette with Nova-Introduces Aaron Stevens and Lucy
3.Mike Mondo vs Saffire Chris Cage
4.–Cornette about John Laurenitis
5.Matt Morgan and Nick Dinsmore vs Big Bad John and Paul E Normous


1.Seven vs John Hennigen
2.–Cornette with Mark Magnus and Nikita,Conway, Dinsmore,Morgan out
3.Nick Dinsmore vs Rob Conway
4.–Review of Report-Tough Enough Holly and Matt Cappatelli
5.–Cornette with Bob Holly-Matt Cappatelli confronts
6.Mark Magnus vs MAtt Morgan

1.WWE Womans Champion Molly Holly vs Jillian Hall
2.–Cornette with Rob Conway
3.Nick Dinsmore vs Mark Magnus
4.Chyna confronts in ring Guerrero-RTC and Gunn out
5.–Cornette with Hennigen, Disciples of Sinn out
6.Matt Cappotelli vs Hardcore Holly-Disciples out

1.OVW CHampion Johnny Jeter vs Mark Magnus(NEW)
2.–Jim Conrnette confronts John Laurenitis of WWE
3.THe Damaja vs Rob Conway-Laurenitis Refs
4.OVW Tag Titles Adrenaline vs Stevens and Nova(NEW)
5.John Hennigen and Leviathon vs Disciples of Sinn(HOLLY OUT)

1.Standing Thunder vs Mike Mondo
2. Tributes to Stu Hart and Mike Hegstand
3.–Cornette with Mark Magnus and Nikita
4.OVW Tag Champions Nova and Idol vs Adrenaline
5.–Cornette with Rob Conway and Matt Impact introduced
6.Cappetelli, Hennigen, Batista vs Hardcore Holly and Disciples Sinn


1.Johnny Jeter vs Joey Mathews
2.–Dean Hill with Bolin services-Standing Thunder/John attacks
3.Matt Morgan vs Rob Conway
4.OVW Champion Mark Magnus vs Nick Dinsmore


1.Nikita vs Jillian Hall
2.–Jim Cornette with Matt Morgan-Impact Out
3.Adrenaline vs Disciples of Sinn
4.OVW Champion Mark Magnus vs Johnny Jeter
5.Standing Thunder and Nick Dinsmore vs Mike Mondo and Big Bad John


1.OVW Tag Champions Nova and Idol vs Disciples of Sinn
2.Standing Thunder vs Big Bad John
3.No Match-Tough Enough vs (attacked by Disciples)
4.Jerome Cronie, Morris, Mike Mondo vs Nick Dinsmore-Impact Out
5.OVW Champ Mark Magnus and Nikita vs Alexis Laree and Johnny Jeter


1.OVW Tag Champions Nova and Idol vs Seth Skyfire and Carlos Colon
2.–Cornette with Johnny Jeter and Nick Dinsmore-Impact
3.Nick Dinsmore vs Johnny Jeter-No winner-tempers
4.OVW Champion Mark Magnus vs Chris Cage

11/29/03-Rerun of 4/12/03 show review
1.Nick Dinsmore vs Machine-OVW Title


1.Adrenaline vs Seth Skyfire and Matt Johnson-Nova/Idol/Lucy out
2.–Jim Cornette with Inspector Impact
3.John Hennigan vs Joey Mathews
4.–Larry Moondog Spot Booker tribute 1952-2003
5.OVW Champion Mark MAgnus v Johnny Jeter v Nick Dinsmore-D Pin

1.Seth Skyfire vs Joey Mathews
2.–Jim Cornette with Johnny Jeter/Nick Dinsmore-Magnus(Decision)
3.Carlos Colon-NOPE-Mike Mondo-Matt Morgan vs Billy Gunn
4.Jim Cornette with Ivory vs Nikita
5.OVW Tag Champions Idol and Nova vs Adrenaline

12/20/03 Best of 2003-Rise and Fall of The Revolution

12/27/03 Best of 2003-Profiles of the future stars of 2004

1.Johnny Jeter vs Chris Jericho-6 flags-Jericho promo
2.–Cream Pie Kenny Bowlin feature

1/3/04 Best of Features of OVW Championship


1.Standing Thunder vs Joey Mathews
2.For Vacant OVW Championship Nick Dinsmore vs Johnny Jeter-HEEL
3.–Cornette with Champ Nick Dinsmore and Inspector Impact-Jeter
4.OVW Tag Champions Nova and Idol vs Skyfire and Johnson


1.OVW Tag Champions Nova and Idol vs Adrenaline
2.–Cornette with Dinsmore and Impact-Intro Venus-Billy Gunn
3.Standing Thunder vs Mark Magnus
4.–Cornette postmatch with Mark Magnus and Nikita-attack Cornette
5.–Dean Hill with Irate Jim Cornette

1.Matt Cappatelli vs Seven
2.–Cornette with Idol and Nova introduce Trudi Denucci
3.Matt Morgan vs Brent Albright and Ben woods
4.–Dean Hill with Nikita and Mark Magnus
5.OVW Champion Nick Dinsmore vs Standing Thunder-Jeter,Impact
6.–Cornette Postmatch with Johnny Jeter and Thunder, Matt Morgan


1.Matt Cappetelli vs Baine

2.–Cornette with Nick Dinsmore and Inspector Impact 3.–Damaja Studio promo
4.Standing Thunder vs Mark Magnus-Cornette
5.–Dean Hill with Jim Cornette
6.–Bowlin Services with Cronie,Mondo-Intro Colon & The Beast
7.Nick Dinsmore and Inspector Impact vs Johnny Jeter and Matt Morgan


1.Tag Champions Nova and Idol vs Tough Enough
2.–Cornette with Inspector Impact-intro Masters and Albright
3.Chris Masters and Brent Albright vs Skyfire and Johnson
4.Dean Hill with Jim Cornette/Bolin Services+Colon
5.–Music video of Boogie woogie Jimmy Valient
6.OVW Champion Nick Dinsmore vs The Damaja


1.Seth Skyfire vs Mike Mondo
2.–Cornette with Matt Cappatelli/Hennigen called Out-Split
3.John Hennigen vs Stevie Richards
4.–John Laurenitis surprise debate Funak/Impact/Cornette/Ohaire
5.–COrnette with Fire Department and Jim Cornette
6.Nick Dinsmore and Mark Magnus vs Adrenaline


1.Albright and Masters vs Beagley and Mike Taylor
2.–Cornette with Inspector Impact
3.OVW Champion Nick Dinsmore vs Seth Skyfire
4.–Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valient sings in a concert footage
5.Cornette with Adrenaline-get WWE contracts-Impact debates
6.–Cornette with Ivory-Calls Out Jillian Hall
7.Standing Thunder and Adrenaline vs Colon, Mondo and Beast


1.Adrenaline vs Carlos Colon and The Beast
2.–Cornette with Matt Cappatelli/John Hennigen confronts
3.Seth Skyfire vs Mark Magnus
4.–Editorial Cornette Look at Handsome Jimmy Valient in depth
5.Johnny Jeter no Match vs Inspector Impact-Team Players/everyone


1.-Review last week of Cappetelli vs Johnny Superstar
2.Johnny Superstar vs Matt Johnson
3.-Recap-JR Arrives.Jeter,Bashams vs Dinsmore,Magnus,Conway
4.–Cornette with Nick Dinsmore/ Jeter/ Impact out
5.Seth Skyfire vs Mark Magnus
6.Review-OVW Tag Champions Idol and Nova vs Adrenaline
7.–Cornette with Nova and Idol/diciples of Sinn out
8.–Review of Rod Steele the Real Deal
9.Johnny Jeter vs brent Albright

1.Sylvan Greinier vs Johnny Jeter
2.–Cornette with Nick Dinsmore and Imspector Impact
3.The Real Deal Rod Steele vs Mike Mondo/IMPACT buys spot/Ohaire
4.–Cornette with Matt Cappetelli and Intro Melina/Hennigen out
5.–Cornette with Standing Thunder and Alexis Laree/Magnus/Nikita
6.Disciples of Sinn vs Nova and Idol


1.Sean O Haire vs Elija Burke
2.–Cornette with Impact, Dinsmore, Albright, Toland-Rod Steel out
3.–Cornette with Linda Miles-Shaniqua
4.Seth Skyfire vs Joey Mathews
5.–Cornette interviews Nova and Idol MOCKING D O Sinn
6.Standing Thunder and Alexis Lareee vs Mark Magnus and Nikita-LL OVW


1.Jillian Hall and Alexis Laree vs Gail Kim and Passion
2.from WWE show-Impact,Magnus Dinsmore vs Jeter, Ohaire
3.Tag Champions Adrenaline vs Albright and Masters- TChange
4.NJ Street Fight-Nova and Idol vs Disciples of Sinn
5.–Mark Magnus promo live-leaves OVW he says
6.OVW Champion Nick Dinsmore vs Johnny Jeter


1.Maven vs Johnny Nitro
2.–Cornette with Matt Morgan/Dinsmore and Impact lockerroom
3.Shaniqua vs Chris Cage
4.Cornette with Nova, Idol, Trudi and intro Danny Inferno
5.OVW Tag Champions Masters and Albright vs Thunder and Cappetelli


1.Rodney Mack vs Inspector Inpact
2.Maven and Matt Cappetelli vs Mathews and Johnny Nitro
3.Seven and Bain and Sinn vs Nova,IDol,Inferno, Trudi
4.OVW Champion Nick Dinsmore vs Matt Morgan-NEw CHAMP
5.Hill Postmatch with Dinsmore told off by Inspector Impact/TURN


1.Adrenaline vs Carlos Colon and The Beast
2.–Cornette with Tag Champions TroubleShooters/Adrenaline out
3.–Hill and Cornette with Matt Morgan/Impact Out
4.–Johnny Jeter in San Diego Skydiving with family
5.–Cornette with Mr Sanderson Peist promo-Attacks Bowlin
6.-ending WM XX-Benoit wins WWE World Title


1.Carlos Colon vs Mike Taylor
2.–Cornette with OVW Champion Matt Morgan/Inspector Impact
3.Seth Skyfire and Matt Johnson vs Idol and Danny Inferno
4.–Post Match interview with Jersey Crew
5.Adrenaline vs Johnny Nitro and Joey Mathews


1.OVW Tag Champions Masters and Albright vs Skyfire and Johnson
2.–Mr. Wrestling II promo(DInsmore masked is coming)
3.–Cornette with Inspector Impact
4.Real Deal Rod Steele vs Johnny Nitro
5.–Cornette with Coach Bacon of KY cardinals
6.OVW Champion Blueprint Matt Morgan vs Mike Mondo
7.Adrenaline and Sinn vs Trudi, Nova and Idol

1.Joey Mathews adn Johnny Nitro vs Skyfire and Mike Johnson
2.–Cornette with Jersey Shore Crew/Sinn out/Adrenaline
3.–Cornette with Inspector Impact and TroubleShooters/Morgan Out
4.–Cornette with FIre Dept people/Kenny Bowlin and Mondo/BB John Out
5.TroubleShooters and Inspector Impact vs Matt Morgan and Adrenaline


1.Mondo, Colon ,The Beast vs Tayler, Lewington and Vaugely
2.–A look at OVW guys DUNKING Kenny Bowlin
3.–Cornette with TroubleShooters and Inspector Impact
4.–Mick Foley A and E look at punishment
5.Matt Cappatelli vs Johnny Nitro-Postmatch promo
6.–Cornette with Big Bad John/Skyfire and Johnson
7.Tank Toland vs Danny Inferno


1.Big Bad John vs Mark Bell
2.–Cornette in back with Matt Morgan/Turns Heel
3.–Cornette with Blueprint Matt Morgan
4.Matt Cappetelli vs Joey Mathews
5.6 Flags-Adrenaline and Sinn vs Trudi, NJPosse
6.–Cornette w New Jersey Shore Crew-footage lot beat of Albright
7.–Cornette with Bolin Services
8.Mac Johnson and Seth Skyfire vs Nova and Inferno


1.Adrenaline vs Mike Mondo and Carlos Colon
2.–Cornette with Matt Morgan-attacks Ref Duece Mahoney
3.Big Bad John vs Robbie Dawber
4.–Cornette with The TroubleSHooters-callout Trudi Denucci-fight JSC
5.–Cornette with Matt Cappetelli and Alexis Larie
6.Skyfire and Johnson vs Nitro and Mathews

6/12/04-Encore presentation of TV show 6/5/04


1.Seth Skyfire and Mac Johnson vs Idol and Inferno
2.–Cornette with Mr Wrestling II/Morgan Out-UNMASKS DINSMORE/Mack
3.–Cornette after with Nick Dinsmore and Rodney Mack-Say Goodbye
4.Shaniqua vs Jillian Hall
5.–Crusade for Children footage of donations with stars on TV
6.–Cornette with Skyfire and Johnson/Jersey Crew Out
7.-Footage if WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero vs JBL
8.Big Bad John vs Derrick King
9.Adrenaline vs Joey Mathews adn Johnny Nitro


1.Adrenaline vs Carlos Colon and Mike Mondo
2.–cornette with Jersey Shore Crew
3.–Cornette with Johnny Jeter/Morgan Out/John
4.–Cornette with Big Bad John
5.-WWE look-Victoria vs Molly Holly
6.Nova vs Seth Skyfire


1.Idol and Inferno vs Steve Lewington and Mike Taylor
2.l/w Adrenaline vs Jersey Shore Crew-Cornette with Adrenaline/Brawl
3.l/w Johnny Jeter vs Johnny Nitro
4.Elijah Burke vs Joey Mathews
5.l/w Matt Morgan vs Rory Fox and Daber/John Saves
6.–Cornette with OVW Champion Matt Morgan
7.l/w Matt Cappetelli vs Carlos Colon
8.–Cornette with Bowlin Services/Cappetelli Out
9.OVW tag Seth Skyfire vs Brent Albright


1.Alexis Larie vs Passion
2.–Cornette with Jesrsey Shore Crew/Lawler Studio Promo
3.–Cornette with Big Bad John
4.Johnny Jeter and Seven vs Hells Bells
5.-Review Cappetelli vs Jerome Cronie- Bolin gets pin
6.–Cornette with Bolin Services
7.Elijah Burke and Steve Lewington vs Albright and Masters-New Match
8.OVW Tag Champions Johnson and Skyfire vs TroubleShooters


1.RICO vs Nova-beats him twice/Nova wins once
2.–Cornette and Hill with Jillian Hall-turns into new girl
3.Johnny Nitro vs Ken Doane-Upset win
4.–Cornette with Matt Morgan and Troubleshooters
5.OVW Tag Champions Skyfire and Matt Johnson vs Idol and Inferno
6.Flash and Matt Cappetelli vs Colon and MIke Mondo/intro Gene Mondo

8/21/04-hosted by Dean Hill and Bill Demott

1.Johnny Jeter vs The Beast
2.Bill Demott with Skyfire and Johnson
3.Ken Doane vs Joey Mathews
4.Flash vs Mean Gene Mondo
5.Adrenaline vs TroubleShooters


1.OVW Tag Champions Skyfire and Johnson vs Romeo Roselli and Dawber
2.–Cornette with Matt Morgan and Troubleshooters
3.Debut of Vik Delicious vs Elijah Burke
4.–Cornette with Ken Doane/Johnny Nitro and Melina out
5.–Cornette with Bolin, Gene and Mike Mondo/Adrenaline Out
6.Johnny Jeter vs Danny Inferno

9/4/04- FALL BRAWL

1.Adrenaline vs Mike and Mean Gene Mondo
2.–Cornette Post match with Cousin CHad and Adrenaline
3.–Cornette with Johnny Jeter/Seven and Sinn Out
4.Elijah Burke vs Carlos Colon-Magnus and Arab Friends ringside
5.–Cornette with Bolin Services, Ms Blew,and Car Dealers
6.Steve Lewington vs Seven
7.Ken Doane vs Johnny Nitro
8.Shelton Benjamin,Skyfire,Johnson vs Jersey Shore Crew
9.Victoria vs Jillian Hall-Wardrobe Malfunction
10.–Cornette with A sponsor-Jillian Hall upset about loss
11.Eugene and The Bashams vs Matt Morgan,Chris Masters,Brent Albright


1.Ken Doane vs Romeo Roselli
2.–Cornette with Joey Mathews, Johnny Nitro and Melina/Doane
3.–Cornette with Matt Morgan
4.OVW Tag Champs Skyfire+Johnson v Adrenaline v T Shooters v JS Crew
5.–Cornette Postmatch with new champs Adrenaline and Chad


1.Elijah Burke and Mike Taylor vs Troubleshooters
2.–Cornette with Adrenaline-Stripped of Belts-Shad Out
3.Camero Match-Ken Doane vs Johnny Nitro
4.–Cornette with Jillian Hall/Alexis Laree fight
5.OVW Champion Matt Morgan vs Johnny Jeter-Seven attacks

9/25/04- Replay of last weeeks show


1.—Ray Traylor aka Big Bossman Tribute Video
2.OVW Champion Matt Morgan vs Steve Lewington
3.–Mark Magnus paid advertisement as Mohommad Hussan and Akeem Asad
4.–Cornette with Johnny Jeter/confronts Seven and Sinn fight
5.–Footage of Mathews, Nitro and Melina with Ken Doans camero ruined
6.Alexis Laree vs Jillian Hall
7.Vacant OVW Tag Titles Adrenaline vs Skyfire and Johnson
8.–COrnette postmatch with Adrenaline and Chad-BREAK UP


1.Ken Doane vs Romeo Roselli/Nitro and Mathews attacked/Interview
2.OVW Champion Matt Morgan vs Robbie Dawber
3.–Cornette with Tank Toland and Chad/ Masters chases
4.–Cornette with Mohommad Hussan, Akeem Asad
5.Johnny Jeter vs Seven


1.Elijah Burke vs Mohommad Asad
2.–Cornette with Simon Dean Nova and Jersey Crew-13 YR Promo split
3.Ken Doane vs Johnny Nitro-Mathews Refs-Takes Melina home
4.-Cornette and hat-OVW Champion Matt Morgan vs Chris Cage/T CHange


1.Mohammad Hussan vs Mike Taylor
2.–Cornette with OVW Champion Chris Cage/Toland and Chad Out
3.–Ken Doane with Melina working on his house as a maid 4 a day
4.Ken Doane vs Vik Delicious-Mathews and Nitro beat him up
5.–Cornette with Chris Masters and injured Brent Albright
6.Paraphus the Prophetiser and Seven vs Jeter and Cappatelli


1.Elijah Burke vs Mike Mondo
2.–Cornette with Joey Mathews and Johnny Nitro
3.–$1000 Costume/Shaniqua-Melina-Trudi-Blew-Passion-Hall-Laree-Lulu
4.–Cornette with TroubleShooters/Masked Morgan
5.Nova and Chris Candito vs Idol and Inferno


1.Nitro and Masters vs Nemeth and Lemington
2.–Dean Hill with Mohommad Asad and Crew-attack Burke/FAN ATTACKS
3.–Tank Toland and Chad at the Mall and McDonalds with belt
4.OVW Champion Chris Cage vs Duece Shade
5.–Dean Hill with Masked Morgan and TroubleShooters
6.OVW Tag Champions Skyfire and Johnson vs Idol and Inferno


1.Ken Doane vs Romeo Roselli-Antonio The Promise Helps Out
2.–Cornette with OVW Champion Chris Cage/Toland Out in Chair
3.Johnny Jeter and Matt Cappetelli vs Da Beast and Mike Mondo
4.Alexis Laree vs Passion
5.Blueprint Masked Morgan vs Nick Nemeth and Robbie Chance
6.OVW Tag Champions Skyfire and Johnson vs Nitro and Mathews T Change


1.Jersey Shore Crew vs Johnny Jeter and Matt Cappatelli
2.–Cornette with M N M interview
3.Passion vs Jilian Hall
4.–Jim Cornette with RANDY ORTON- Kenny Bowlin Antagonizes
5.–Jim Cornette with Chris Cage
6.Elijah Burke vs Blueprint Matt Morgan

11/27/04 Show was a rerun


1.Ken Doane vs Duece Shade
2.–Cornette with Elijah Burke
3.-No Match-Matt Morgan attacks Chris Cage prior to a match
4.–Dean Hill with Bowlin intro Blaster Lasheley vs 3 opponents
5.Tag Champions Nitro and Mathews vs Seth Skyfire and Mac Johnson
6.OVW Champion Chris Cage vs Chad Toland (TC)


1.Chris Cage vs Danny Inferno
2.–Cornette with Mathews, Nitro and Melina
3.Passion & Alexis Laree vs Jillian Hall and Melissa Coates
4.–Cornette wit Blaster Lashley and Mondo and Bowlin
5.OVW Champion Chad Toland vs Elijah Burke (TC)

12/18/04-Special Show from Christmas Chaos 2001

1.Minnesota Stretching Crew vs Sly Scraper and Johnny Spade
2.Slick RObbie D vs Randy Orton
3.Mr Black and Rico Constatino vs Trailor Park Trash and Flash
4.Big Show vs Mark Henry
5.Hardy Boys vs Disciples of Sinn


1.Ken Doane vs Aaron Idol Stevens
2.Elijah Burke Victory celebration after he won the title
3.–Cornette with New Champion Elijah Burke-BluePrint Out/Chris Cage/Toland
4.–Cornette with Morrus-now manages The HeartBreakers
5.Romeo Roseli and Johnny Heartbreaker vs Steve Lewington & Nick Nemeth
6.Blaster Lasheley vs Cliff Compton
7.OVW Tag Champions MNM vs The Thrillseekers


1.Steve Lewington vs Danny Inferno
2.–Cornette with Mathews, Nitro and Melina
3.Morrus Green introduces Heartbreakers vs Seth Skyfire & Mac Johnson
4.Mark Henry vs Chad and Tank Tolan
5.Blaster Lasheley vs Robbie Dawber
6.OVW Champion Elijah Burke vs The BluePrint


1.Brent Albright vs Mike Taylor
2.–Cornette with BluePrint- Fine of $3000-Burke saves-Suspension
3.Blaster Lasheley vs Bam Bam Penders
4.–Cornette with Aaron Idol Stevens-Denucci and Inferno-Brawl
5.Steve Lewington & Ken Doane vs HeartBreakers
6.OVW Tag Champions MNM vs Thrillseekers- TC


1.For Vacant TV Beat Champ Title–Brent Albright vs Seth Skyfire
2.–Cornette with New OVW Tag Champs Thrillseekers- MNM Out
3.Passion refs- Mike Taylor vs Aaron Idol Stevens- Inferno attacks
4.Steve Lewington vs Blaster Lasheley- Lasts the 1 minute Challenge
5.–Jim Cornette with returning surprise Al Snow-commentary
6.OVW Champion Elijah Burke vs Vengence
__(4:00)_____ORIGINAL Quality______________________________________________


1.TV Champion Brent Albright vs Ken Doane
2.–Cornette with M N M
3.Danny Inferno vs Vic Delicious
4.–The HeartBreakers watch cartoons and then Shop and it’s Raining Men
5.–Idol attacks Trudi Denucci in ring
6.Cornette with Bolin-Challenge Double-Lashley vs Steve Lewington
7.OVW Champion Elijah Burke vs Lance Cade


1.OVW Tag Champions Thrillseekers vs HeartBreakers
2.Steve Lewington vs Mike Mondo
3.OVW Champ ELijah Burke & Mark Henry vs BluePrint & Vengeance-Lance Storm
4.Dudley Boyz vs Mathews & Nitro


1.Nemeth,Skyfire,Doane vs Delicious, Da Beast, Robert Fury
2.–Cornette with Tank & Chad Toland
3.TV Champion Brent Albright vs Steve Lewington
4.Aaron The Idol Stevens vs Danny Inferno
5.–Morris Green presents the HeartBreakers in Lets Get Physicl
6.OVW Tag Champions Thrillseekers vs M N M


1.Steve Lewington vs Vic Delicious
2.Heartbreakers vs Cliff Compton and Bamm Bamm-MNM OUT-BRAWL
3.TV CHampion Brent Albright vs Danny Inferno
4.Seth Skyfire vs Tank Toland
5.OVW Champion Elijah Burke vs Blue Print- Mark Henry Refs


1.Nick Nemeth vs Blueprint Matt Morgan
2.–Cornette with M N M- Heartbreakers Paparazi entrance
3.TV Champion Brent Albright vs Vic Delicious
4.–Cornette with Idol Stevens and Beth Phoenix
5.Blaster Lashley vs Robert Furey
6.OVW Tag Champions Thrillseekers vs Tolands


1.TV Champion Brent Albright vs Lance Cade
2,–Cornette with Danny Inferno and Trudi Denucci
3.–Cornette with Thrillseekers-Tolands out
4.M N M vs Heartbreakers


1.Heartbreakers vs Da Beast and Duece Shade
2.L/W 8 man match-Cornette with M N M
3.Nick Nemeth vs Mike Mondo
4.Alexis Laree vs Jillian Hall
5.l/w Inferno vs Idol-Cornette with Inferno and Trudi
6.OVW Champion Elijah Burke vs Chad Toland


1.Heartbreakers vs Diablo Negro and Ken Anderson
2.–Cornette with Matt Morgan/Elijah Burke
3.TV Champion Brent Albright vs Seven
4.l/w Tag Champions Thrillseekers vs M N M
5.–Cornette with Skyfire and Johnson—MNM Bought Promo
6. l/w Idol/Inferno and Denucci piledriven
7.OVW Tag Champions Thrillseekers vs Tolands-(TC)


1.TV Champion Brent Albright vs Ken Anderson
2.–Cornette with Dale Gunken promoter-Tolands and Jillian Hall
3.OVW Champion Elijah Burke vs Matt Morgan (TC)
4.–Cornette with Danny Inferno
5.Skyfire and Johnson vs M N M


1.Steve Lewington vs Blaster Lashley
2.–Cornette with OVW Champion Matt Morgan
3.–Look at M N M Debuting in Carlitos Cabana in WWE
4.Aaron The Idol Stevens vs Robbie Dawber
5.–Footage of Trailer Park Trash vs Flash 1999
6.–Cornette with Flash-Attacks Brent Abbright-Match
7.TV Champion Brent Albright vs Flash-Morgan Out


1.Elijah Burke vs Gangrel
2.–WWE Footage of MNM winnings Tag Titles from Guerro and Mysterio
3.–Cornette with Stevie Richards-Calls Out Danny Inferno
4.Stevie Richards vs Danny Inferno
5.–Maria interviews The HeartBreakers adn Morris who Thank OVW Fans
6.OVW Champion Matt Morgan vs Brent Albright (TC)
5/28/05 is on the tape first

5/14/05-Tommy Dreamers first week as booker

1.–SHow is in Chaos. Where is Jim Cornette? Lockerroom Absurd.
2.–M N M Attack a fan-Skyfire saves
3.–Al Snow introduces Bobby Heenan-Kenny Bolin out-Attack of big underwear
4.OVW Champion Brent Albright vs Aron Stevens-TV title-Simon Dean Attacks
5.–OVW Lockerroom battles. Jetter gets eyes with rubbing alcohol.


1.–OVW Champion Brent Albright announces title forfeit for TV belt TOurnament
2.TV tourney Mike Mondo loses to Alexis Laree
3. Seven vs Osama
4.Nick Nemeth vs Paul Birchill
5.–Aron Idol Stevens promo-Snitsky attacks Stevens vs Danny Inferno
6.Seth Skyfire vs Blaster Lashley-Snow Out-MNM
7.–Al Snow with Matt Capotelli vs Chad Toland


1.TV Tourney-Johnny Swinger vs Ken Doane
2.TV Tourney-Duece Shade vs Chad Toland
3.KId Kash vs Kazarian
4.–Seth Skyfire promo-M N M Out
5.–Mike Mondo challenges Alexis Laree-MAria Pins him-TV Tourney Miss Blue vs Blaster Lashley
6.Elijah Burke vs Cliff Compton-Promo with Albright
7.–Al Snow with Thrillseekers- Tolands Out


1.–Mike Mondo challenges vs Victoria-Arm Behind Back-Earl Hebner
2. TV Title Semi Duece Shade vs Paul Birchill
3.TV TItle Semi Ken Doane vs Aron Stevens-Gangrel and Sukuki attack
4.Osama vs Nick Nemeth- Lance Cade promo out-Albright battles
5.Tag Champions Tolands vs Russel Simpson & Robert Fury-Chris Cage Out
6.Seven vs Blaster Lashley


1.–Jerry Lawler promo about 6/17
2.Elimination match-Tag Champions Tolands vs Gangrel & Suzuki vs Inferno & Chris Cage
3.Alexis Laree vs Ms Blue
4.–OVW Champion Brent Albright DDTed by Lance Cade
5.Vacant TV Title- Ken Doane vs Duece Shade
6.Thrillseekers vs Paul Birchill & Ken Anderson


1.–Dean Hill Interviews returning Jim Cornette-Kenny Bolin out
2.OVW Tag Champions Tolands vs Chris Cage-2 matches one on one
3.–Cornette with Local McMahon Fire Dept. Idol Out
4.Thrillseekers vs Osama & da Beast


1.Danny Inferno vs Paul Birchill
2.Kenny Bolin and crew Promo-Cornette debates-Ken Doane joins Bolin
3.–Cornette with Tolands and Ken Anderson
4.Chet The Jet and Nick Nemeth vs Osama and Da BEast
5.TV Champion Duece Shade vs Ken Doane-Cornette attacks Bolin-Eugene save


(Tracking issue at top of screen for first few matches of this show)
1.Chet The Jet & Nick Nemeth vs Vic Delicious & Robbie Dawber
2.–Dean Hill with Bolin Services and Lashley-Ken Doane-Cornette challenges
3.OVW Champion Brent Albright vs AAron Stevens
4.–Cornette with Thrillseekers-Tolands and Ken Anderson out
5.-Look at Vic Dahlicious & Robbie Dawber vs Roby Fury & Skyfire-(BOOGYMAN)
6.Elijah Burke & Duece Shade vs Mike Mondo & Blaster Lashley


1.Nick Nemeth & Chris Cage vs Danny Doring & Roadkill
2.–Cornette with Duece Shade & Elijah Burke
3.Aaron Idol Stevens vs Chet The Jet- Albright out
4.Seth Skyfire vs Cliff Compton- BOOGYMAN out
5.–Entire Bolin Services Promo
6.OVW TV Champion Ken Doane vs Elijah Burke


1.Danny Davis reads a note about Jim Cornette about TV departure
2.Thrillseekers vs Roadkill and Danny Doring
3.Elijah Burke vs Mike Mondo
4.–Ken Doane Lays out Nick Nemeth with RKO
5.OVW Tag Champions TOlands vs Seth Skyfire and Chris Cage
6.OVW Champion Brent Albright vs Ken Anderson – Puder Attacks


1.OVW Tag Champions The Tolands vs Duece Shade and Da Beast
2.Elijah Burke vs Russell Simpson
3.Aron Idol Stevens vs Ken Anderson
4.OVW TV Champion Ken Doane vs Seven
5.–Daniel Puder promo, Anderson Out, Albright suckered


1.Ken Anderson and Daniel Puder vs James Belly and James Smith
2.TV Champion Ken Doane vs Chet The Jet
3.Duece Shade vs Osama
4.Thrillseekers vs M N M