Thank You again to everybody that continues to come to!

For trades,

Please send me your tape lists or email me with what you have. Please understand it is very difficult for me to find much to trade for so if it is rare and unique pass it by me. If I have it on the site, I’m not going to trade for it. If I am trading with someone currently, I usually wait to finish the deal with them. I already have a great group of tape traders that I regularly trust and get great stuff from so please understand how it may be difficult to work out a trade.
If I accept a tape trading proposal, we will mutually agree on a specific date to send out our tapes to each other.

To Order wrestling videotapes,
Please send your payment in the form of a check or Money order along with the Tape # of your selection AND it’s title. Tape #’s change here with updates sometimes so just leaving a tape # may get you the wrong title if you don’t list what your title is so write the titles in case of a change in structure here with tape #’s. Also, some videos contain more than one title on that tape. IF there is no tape # in front of a title, it is a part of a previous titles selection with the tape #.

Most tapes are shipped within a week after payment is recieved here via priority mail to those that live in the USA. All tapes of the site by title are NOW $15 each. That price does include priority postage costs. accepts orders worldwide as well. Outside the USA, each tape is $20. This price includes the tape cost and the cost of air shipping. There is a 2 tape minimum and I will always accept orders from outside the US under these rules only as long as the payment is in United States FUNDS.

And for the fastest and easiest way to order tapes, if you are a registered user of PAYPAL, then you can use it to order from B Brown Video. You must be registered which is to best way to order videos from

BBrownVideos PAYPAL account name is

OR you may send payment to:

Bill Brown
c/o BBrown Video
33 Middlefield Street
Middletown, Ct. 06457

Please make your payments in name to

Please as that is the only name payment can be received in.
Thank You,
Bill Brown
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