NXT UK Hires New Superstars

The WWE United Kingdom Performance Centre confirmed that four new athletes would join their roster. These individuals will perform under the NXT UK Superstars series, which showcases live events in North London. These new wrestlers include Dani Luna, Pretty Deadly, Candy Floss and Levi Muir. When it applies to the Pretty Deadly Tag Team, Lewis Howley and Sam Stroker combine their talents into one powerful force. They’ve appeared on previous live events with NXT UK, having defeated notable athletes like Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan.

Japanese and European WWE Leagues have both held Candy Floss previously. Standing as one of the youngest athletes in a professional athlete, she’s competed against formidable champions like Toni Storm and Rhea Ripley. British citizens wanting to support home-based wrestlers will look to Levi Muir, who previously was a powerlifting champion. She’s had plenty of experience in the ring and will make a formidable account to the NXT UK Superstars series.

Wrestling supporters in the United Kingdom won’t be familiar with one of these athletes, with this being their native circuit in Great Britain. That individual is Dani Luna, who maintains several years of wrestling experience. She’s battled against Piper Niven, Nina Samuels and Meiko Satomura. Those wanting to view this wrestling league can watch weekly on Thursdays at 3 pm.

Jinder Mahal Returning to WWE

The WWE has themselves a new superstar since the departing of John Cena. The recent popularity boost of Drew McIntyre is allowing him to have notable sway with WWE Executives. It was confirmed by McIntyre this week that one of the former champions will be returning, this time in the form of Jinder Mahal. It’s been almost twelve months since this man last competed in the WWE, which followed after a substantial knee injury. This injury followed after Jinder Mahal spotted being motivated to train, resulting in his physical in-ring capabilities to suffer. Regardless, Drew McIntyre looks forward to his former teammate returning.

It’s expected that Jinder Mahal will return precisely 12 months after departing from the WWE, where he’ll compete to regain his championship position. McIntyre confirmed that Mahal had become the most driver individual in WWE training gyms. Those following Jinder on social media know that his personality and physical capabilities have been completely altered. When this former champion returns, he’ll be one of the most dominating forces next to Drew McIntyre.