NXT Hiring New UK Wrestlers

Several wrestlers located in the United Kingdom have been hired by Vince McMahon’s NXT for new contracts. These individuals will compete under the NXT – UK Division, with inside sources rectifying that training camps in London have begun & tapings with these wrestlers first performances will occur before the end of 2020. The prompt arrival of several new wrestlers follows after their new contracts sustain long-term clauses.

Announcements regarding new contract signings were expected from Vince McMahon. The UK Performance Centre held auditions & then a three-week training session amongst those selected. Several athletes that performed admirably during the competition were awarded contracts. Their first appearances will likely be filmed at BT Sport Studios and start a lengthy career in professional wrestling. Depending on the popularity of these wrestlers, their presence could be altered to WWE. That’s the ultimate goal for anyone that signs with Vince McMahon.

Additional revelations from the UK Performance Centre suggests that Sha Samuels has nearly signed with Vince McMahon for NXT – UK Division. That deal won’t be finalized until Sha Samuels has completed healing an unknown injury. Another name known to be signed with NXT potentially – UK Division is Aleah James, who appeared at the UK Performance Centre training camps throughout September. Her attendance was noted during NXT UK’s show on September 24th. Vince McMahon is trying to create a rivalry between two upcoming female wrestlers with Aleah James & Sha Samuels.

There are also discussions that Molly Spartan could be scouted by Vince McMahon for NXT – UK Division, which would likely see the female wrestler enter an enhanced tag team. What follows after Molly Spartan began dating the current champion for tag teams, Wolfgang. The last name that could join the NXT – UK Division is Gursinder Sing to represent the Middle Eastern/Indian community in Great Britain.

Stay Inside

All wrestlers hired by Vince McMahon for NXT – UK Division must sustain daily COVID-19 PCR Tests. Whenever these individuals aren’t training or competing on live television, they’ll be forced to remain indoors at designated hotels throughout London. That will continue until Prime Minister Boris Johnson lifts COVID-19 restrictions.