New Pro Wrestling Alliance Ringside Wrestling Television Episodes
(Presented by Wild B Brown airing weekly in Central Connecticut)

***Each Program is a half hour long and features whatever we feel like airing on Public Television for the week. Most episodes have first run commentary for the local area with Bill Brownson and Tom The G taking the honors of giving the viewers their own humor and calling the action or the original commentary itself is used. We mainly feature many great local, regional and major indy promotions as well as a look at some rare footage of the major leagues, conventions or anything unique. Each video comes with four shows on them. Keep in mind each show is a half hour so some things are not shown entire to fit into the half hour time slot.

NPW1-NPWA #1 Connecticut Championship Wrestling:East Haven, Ct 12/3/99 (airdate 1/19/00) 1.Purty Kurty vs Tony Black 2.John Diamond vs King Kong Bundy NPWA #2 IWA: Japan Kawasaki Dream: KOTDM 8/20/95 (airdate 2/2/00) 1.Leatherface vs Terry Funk 2.Headhunters vs Silver King and El Texacano 3.NWA Champion Dan Severn vs Tarzan Goto NPWA #3 Connecticut Championship Wrestling: East Haven, CT 12/3/99 Pt 2 (airdate 2/16/00) 1.Curtis Slamdawg vs Knuckles Nelson 2.CCW Champion Hardcore Kidd vs Ron Zombie NPWA #4 NWA: Landover, MD: Handheld Footage 3/18/89 (airdate 3/1/00) 1.NWA US Champion Barry Windham vs Lex Luger 2.NWA Tag Champions Road Warriors vs Mike Rotundo and Rick Steiner _________________________________________________________________________________________

NPW2-NPWA #5 Jason Knight Local Area Shoot Interview from NPWA Wrestling (airdate 3/15/00) 1.Jason Knight and Justin Credible vs Tommy Dreamer and Mikey Whipwreck (ECW) NPWA #6 Millenium Wrestling Association: Enfield, CT 2/20/00 (airdate 3/29/00) 1.Lynn Lovely Challenges Kenny Casanova and J P Black 2.Brutal Bob Evans vs the Yolk 3.Sledge vs Joe La Bouncer NPWA #7 Millenium Wrestling Association: Enfield, CT 2/20/00 Pt 2 (airdate 4/5/00) 1.The Executioner and J Idol vs Diablo Santiago and Rican Havoc 2.Purty Kurty vs Xavier 3.Johnny Heartbreaker vs Scurge NPWA #8 Millenium Wrestling Association: Enfield, CT 2/20/00 Pt3 (airdate 4/12/00) 1.MWA Champion Lips Lipinski vs Kevin Kelly 2.Super Nova vs Nicholas Richards _____________________________________________________________________________________

NPW3-NPWA #9 Ringside Professional Wrestling: New Jersey 3/00 (airdate 4/22/00) 1.Purty Kurty and Zodiac vs Singapore Assassins 2.RPW Tag Champions Danny Justice and Rocky Shore vs Tony Black and Mike Mayhem NPWA #10 Promo Azteca: Mexico 1995 (airdate 5/10/00) 1.Rey Mysterio Jr vs Mosca De La Mercedad 2.Rikishi Phatu and Big Daddy Dance it up in Waterbury, CT NPWA #11 Millenium Wrestling Association: Enfield, CT 4/30/00 (airdate 5/24/00) 1.MWA Champion Lips Lipinski vs Jason Knight (TC Ending) Millenium Wrestling Association: Meriden, CT 5/12/00 2.Hardcore Champion Nick Richards vs Kevin Landrey vs Masked Janitor-Goes into-> 3.ECW Champion Justin Credible, Yokozuna, Richards vs Pewer Company and Kevin Landrey NPWA #12 Millenium Wrestling Association: South Windsor, CT 5/19/00 (airdate 6/7/00) 1.MWA Tag Champions Puerto Rican Nightmares vs Power Company 2.MWA Champion Jason Knight and Yokozuna vs Mack and Ron Zombie 3.–OMEGA Wrestling 1995 Music Video ________________________________________________________________________________________

NPW4-NPWA #13 Millenium Wrestling Association: Westerly, RI 5/20/00 (airdate 6/21/00) 1.Battle Royal won by Mack for MWA Title Shot 2.Hardcore hippie Nick RIchards vs Scurge 3.MWA Champion Jason Knight vs Mack 4.Purty Kurty vs Aarom Morrison NPWA #14 Millenium Wrestling Association: Westerly, RI Pt 2 5/20/00 (airdate 6/28/00) 1.Diablo Santiago vs Oman Tortuga 2.Lipps Lipinski vs Kevin Landrey 3.The Power Company vs Yokozuna and Nickolas Richards NPWA #15 Combat Zone Wrestling Philadelphia, PA 9/99 (Airdate 7/12/00) 1.A look at Jason Knights House Of PAin Wrestling DOjo and Training Class 2.Justice Pain vs Nick Gage 3.Two Brutal Music Videos of COmbat Zone Wrestling NPWa #16 Promo Aztecas 1997: Mexico (airdate 7/26/00) 1.La Parka vs Psychosis 2 of 3 Falls ________________________________________________________________________________________

NPW4-NPWA #17 Extreme Championship Wrestling: New Britain, CT FC 1/8/98 (airdate 8/9/00) 1. Bam Bam Bigelow vs Rob Van Dam 2.Sabu vs The Sandman NPWA #18 Features Jason Knights House Of Pain Wrestling Dojo (airdate 8/23/00) 1. Plus interview with Flying Fred Curry Sr Interview with Jason Kinght NPWA #19 Millenium Wrestling Association: Enfield CT 8/27/00 (airdate 9/6/00) 1.Dillon Kage and Oman Tortuga vs Fear Factors 2.Xavier vs Sledge 3.Fred Curry Jr vs Tiger Mulligan 4.MWA Champion Jason vs Mack (Barb Wire Bullrope) 5.Nicholas Richard vs Kevin Landrey (Joel Gertner Refs) NPWA #20 Tri-State Wrestling Alliance: Philadelphia, PA 1990 (airdate 9/20/00) 1.The Original Shiek vs Abdullah the Butcher 2.Cactus Jack vs Eddie Gilbert (Falls Count anywhere) ___________________________________________________________________________________

NPW5-NPWA #21 New England Championship Wrestling: Wethersfield, CT 10/14/00 (airdate 10/4/00) 1.Golden Greek Alex Arion vs Kurt Adonis 2.Jason Knight vs Slyk Wagner Brown 3.NECW Champion Mike Hollow vs Brutal Bob Evans NPWA #22 RAW IS BACKLUND Campaign Event: East Hartford, CT 10/16/00 (airdate 10/25/00) 1.Includes Bob Backlund vs Masaharu Fujinami (UWF Japan 5/25/89) NPWA #23 IPW WrestlePalooza: New Britain, CT 4/19/97 (airdate 11/8/00) 1.Ron Zombie vs Lex Lethal 2.A special Karaoke Session with Joel Gertner, Zombie,Shabba at Starstruck Bar NPWA #24 IWGP Japan 7/21/90 /FMW Japan 9/97 (airdate 11/20/00) 1.IWGP Tag Champ Keijo Muta and Massa Chono vs Kokina and Samu 2.Barb Wire Explosion Bomb Death Match Atashi Onita vs Wing Kannemura ___________________________________________________________________________________

NPW6-NPWA #25 Northeast Championship Wrestling: New Haven, CT 10/28/00 (airdate 12/6/00) 1.Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young vs 2 young guys 2.Hacksaw Jim Duggan(From Canada) vs Primo Canero 3.ECW Champion Justin Credible vs Tony Devito NPWA #26 Acid Pro Wrestling: Waterbury, CT 11/12/00 (airdate 12/20/00) 1.Jay wood vs Tiger Mulligan 2.Mercedes Martinez vs Juice 3. 20 Man Superfight won by Bulldog Blanski NPWA #27 Acid Pro Wrestling: Waterbury, CT 11/12/00 Pt 2 (airdate 12/27/00) 1.Kurt Adonis vs Dylan Kage 2.Ron Zombie vs Curtis Slamdawg vs Mercenary 3.APW Champion Hercules Kevin Landrey vs Jason Knight (NEW) NPWA #28 Southwest Championship Wrestling: San Antonio, TX 1983 (Airdate 1/10/01) 1.Gino Hernandez vs Tully Blanchard 2.Original Undisputed Title Adrean Adonis vs Bob Orton _____________________________________________________________________________________

NPW7-NPWA #29 Millenium Wrestling Association 1/6/01, SMW 95 (Airdate 1/24/01) 1.Dave Power vs Nicholas Richards vs Fred Curry 2. IC Champion Shawn Michaels vs Buddy Landell (SMW) NPWA #30 Acid Pro Wrestling: Plainville, CT 12/17/00 (airdate 2/7/01) 1.Shabba White vs Apollo 2.Kevin Landrey vs Judas Young 3.Bulldog Blanski wins a match 4.Bob Backlund Incites the crowd 5.Kurt Adonis vs Sylan Kage and Jay Wood 6.Nicholas Richards vs Fred Curry Jr 7.APW Tag Champions Power Company vs Cold Front (FBI Attack) 8.MErcenery, Slamdawg, Zombie vs The Stars (Table MAtch) 9.APW Champion Jason Knight vs Homicide NPWA #31 Heartland Wrestling Association: Pillman 2000 Show (airdate 2/21/01) 1.Tom Pritchard vs Tim Horner (with Missy Hyatt) 2.Vampiro vs General Rection 3.Diamond Dallas Page vs Shane Douglas 4.ECW Champion Justin Credible vs Raven 5.Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko vs D Lo Brown and Eddie Guerrero 6.Chris Beniot vs Steven Regal NPWA #32 Millenium Wrestling Association: Hartford, CT 1/28/01 (airdate 3/7/01) 1.Ron Zombie vs Dylan Kage 2.Jimmy Snuka vs Mike Steel 3.MWA Championship Kevin Landrey vs Mike Bell 4.MWA Tag Champions Hippie And Fred Curry vs Johnny Idol and Steel 5.Hardcore Champion Nick Richards vs Tony Devito (Credible attacks) __________________________________________________________________________

NPW8-NPWA #33 WCW Slamboree 93 Hilites-Philadelphia, PA (Airdate 3/21/01) WWF Block PArty Footage 7/9/96 New Haven, CT NPWA #34 Acid Pro Wrestling: Southington, CT Frostbite 2/4/01 (airdate 4/4/01) 1.Kevin Landrey vs Judas Young 2.THC vs Mercedes Martinez 3.Joel Gertner promo with Big Daddy 4.Juice vs Johnny HEartbreaker 5.Da Hit Squad vs Jay Lover adn Curtis Slamdawg 6.Rocket Fred Curry vs Tiger Mulligan 7.APW Champion Jason Knight vs JAP Champion Homicide NPWA #35 Century Wrestling Alliance: Wallingford, CT 6/20/92 (airdate 4/18/01) 1.Kevin Sullivan and Tazmaniac vs Eddie GIlbert and Vic Steamboat 2.CWA Championship TOny Atlas vs Jimmy Snuka 3.Bushwhackers vs Powers of Pain 4.Magnificent Muroco vs HonkeyTonk Man NPWA #36 Acid Pro Wrestling: Naugatuck, CT 3/25/01 (Airdate 5/2/01) 1.Mercedez MArtinez and Apollo vs THC and Mike Dredd 2.APW Champion Jason vs Lathum (Francine) 3.Rocket Fred Curry vs Dylan Kage 4.Cold Front vs Chris Hamrick and Christian York 5.TOny Devito vs Tiger Mulligan 6.Ron Zombie vs Jay Lover vs Curtis Slamdawg ___________________________________________________________________________________

NPW9-NPWA #37 Millenium Wrestling Association: westerly, RI 4/21/01 (airdate 5/16/01) 1.Amazing Red vs Jose Maximo 2.MWA Champion Mike Bell vs Kevin Landrey 3.Jerry Lawler vs Mikey Whipwreck NPWA #38 ECW: Hammerstein Ballroom New York 8/25-26/00 (airdate 5/30/01) 1.FBI vs Tajiri adn Mikey Whipwreck 2.Billy Corigan gets guitared by Steve Corino 3.Sandman and Chilly Willy vs Rhino and Justin Credible 4.ECW Champion Justin Credible vs Steve Corino 5.Rob Van Dam vs Scotty Anton 6.Cyrus, Paul E then TV Champion Rhino vs Kid Kash (TC) NPWA #39 Acid Pro Wrestling: East Hartford, CT 4/8/01 (Airdate 6/13/01) 1.Sweet Destiny vs THC 2.Superfight 3 Finals-Jay Lover vs Apollo 3.Missy Hyatt vs Foxy-Joel Gertner Refs 4.Fred Curry Sr and Jr and Jason vs Jay Wood, Kurt Adonis,Dylan Kage 5.Tony Devito vs Jay Lover vs New Jack NPWA #40 Millenium Wrestling Association: Springfield, MA 4/22/01 (airdate 6/27/01) 1.Purty Kurty vs ROn Zombie vs Dylan Kage 2.Amazing Red vs Oman TOrtuga 3.Tag Champions Richards and Fred Curry Jr vs Jonny Idol and Mike Steel (TC) 4.MWA Champion Mike Bell vs Kevin Landrey (TC) 5.Mikey Whipwreck vs Tony Devito ________________________________________________________________________________

NPW10-NPWA #41 ECW: Pine Bluff, AK 1/13/01 (the Last Night) (airdate 7/11/01) 1.Super Crazy vs Tajiri 2.The Sandman vs Justin Credible 3.Final ECW Post match tribute in the ring NPWA #42 Acid Pro Wrestling: Waterbury, CT 5/26/01 (Airdate 7/25/01) 1.APW Tag Champions Cold Front vs Ryan Cox & Black Dragon 2.Fred Curry Jr vs Kurt Adonis 3.Hardcore Champion ROn Zombie vs Jay Lover NPWA #43 Wrestling Zone: Danbury, CT 4/6/01 (airdate 8/8/01) 1.Gillberg vs Bob Backlund 2.Chris Chetti & Danny Doring vs Da Baldies 3.Steve Corino with Missy Hyatt vs Simon Diamond with Dawn Marie 4.Stairway To Hell Balls Mahoney vs The Sandman NPWA #44 JWA: Guilford, CT 6/2/01 (airdate 8/22/01) 1.Tiger Mulligan vs Reckless Youth 2.Mike Quakenbush vs Purty Kurty 3.Bulldog Blanski Retirement Speech #1 ______________________________________________________________________

NPW11-NPWA #45 Millenium Wrestling Association: New Britian, CT 6/14/01 (airdate 9/5/01) 1.Purty Kurty vs Aaron Morrison 2.Hollyoke Hogan vs Rocky The Rock Cat 3.MWA Champion Kevin Landrey vs Nicholas Richards NPWA #46 Acid Pro Wrestling: Naugatuck, CT 6/9/01 (airdate 9/19/01) 1.Frankie Starz & Merceces Martinez vs Pat Gunner & THC 2.Shabba White vs Apollo 3.Bulldog Blanski vs Tiger Mulligan-Retirement Match 4.Hardcore Champion Ron Zombie vs Curtis Slamdawg vs Homicide 5.APW Tag Champions Cold Front vs Chris Hamrick & Julio Dinero NPWA #47 Main Event Championship Wrestling: Phili, PA 8/11/01 (airdate 10/3/01) 1.New Jack vs The Smoke 2.Buff Bagwell vs Jack Victory 3.MECW Champion Curt Hennig vs CHris Harris 4.Tag Champions Public Enemy vs Full Blooded Italions 5.APW Championship Ladder Match Sabu vs Sandman NPWA #48 Assualt Championship Wrestling: Meriden, CT 8/24/01 (airdate 10/17/01) 1.Battle Royal for Vacant ACW belt won by Chris Hammrick 2.ACW Hardcore Champion Ron Zombie vs Balls Mahoney ________________________________________________________________

NPW12-NPWA #49 IWA/MWA Pilot: Stamford, CT 3/17/01 (airdate 10/31/01) 1.Purty Kurty vs J.P. Black 2.Red Vs Oman Tortuga 3.Ron Zombie vs Curtis Slamdawg vs Mercenary 4.Spike Dudley vs Devito vs Mikey Whipwreck NPWA #50 WWF RAW: Satelite Feeds 5/7/01 & 5/14/01 (airdate 11/14/01) 1.Leviathon vs Nick Dinsmore 2.Randy Orton vs Rico Constatino 3.Sho Funaki vs Tajiri 4.Esse Rios vs Low Ki 5.Perry Saturn vs Mike Bell NPWA #51 IWA/MWA: Stamford, CT 3/17/01 (airdate 11/28/01) 1.Billy Brownson and Hot Rod introduce Joel Gertner 2.Devonaire Cruz & Johnny Heartbreaker vs S A T 3.MWA Tag Champions Richards & Fred Curry Jr vs Christian York and Mathews NPWA #52 Assault Championship Wrestling: Meriden, CT 9/15/01 (airdate 12/12/01) 1.Hardcore Champion Balls Mahoney vs Kurt Adonis 2.Hardcore Champion Balls Mahoney vs Ron Zombie-TC 3.Kid Kash vs Dylan Kage ______________________________________________________________________________

NPW13-NPWA #53 Assualt Championship Wrestling: Meriden, CT 11/21/01 (airdate 12/26/01) 1.AC Coaltrain destroys 8 Men 2.Ron Zombie managed by Bill Alfonso vs Wrecka 3.Little Guido vs Dylan Kage 4.SLyk Wagner Brown vs Chris Candito with Tammy Sytch NPWA #54 Backyard Bedlam of Backyard Wrestling (airdate 1/9/02) 1.Luke Hadley Videos 2.EWA: Stryknine vs Positively Jobbing 3.NWF: Diablo,Butcher,Crucifix,Kamikaze vs Abunai,Rolot,Austin,Anaconda 4.Brawlin Broads: Tracy vs Tanya NPWA #55 GLOOW: Philadelphia, PA 2/24/01 (airdate 1/23/02) 1.Prodigette vs Sweet Destiny 2.Jazz vs Bobcat 3.CAGE: Ellie Mae vs G I HO NPWA #56 Assault Championship Wrestling: Meriden, CT 12/22/01 (airdate 2/6/02) 1.Bull Dredd vs Shabba White 2.Little Guido vs Dylan Kage 3.ACW Tag Champions Apollo & Gunner vs Preston and ??? 4.A C Coaltrain vs Jim Nastic 5.Axl Rotten, Balls Mahoney,Ron Zombie vs Boogaloo,Homicide, Wrecka 6.ACW Champion Chris Hamrick vs Dylan Kage __________________________________________________________________________

NPW14-NPWA #57 Assault CHampionship Wrestling: Meriden, CT 1/26/02 (airdate 2/27/02) 1.Holyoke Joe Challenges Jeff COrona, AC Coaltrain Out 2.Rednecks from Hell & Trinity vs Shabba White,Bull Dread, Mercedes 3.M A Champion Jeff Rocker with Francine vs Tiger Mulligan NPWA #58 Assault Championship Wrestling: Meriden, CT 1/26/02 Part 2 (airdate 3/20/02) 1.April Hunter vs Bobcat 2.Little Guido vs Slyk Wagner Brown 3.ACW Tag Champions Appolo & Pat Gunner vs Kappa Tappa Kegga 4.Ten Man War like Never before: Team ACW vs Team LIWF NPWA #59 Millenium Wrestling Association: Willimantic, CT 1/30/02 (airdate 3/27/02) 1.Battle Royal won by Michael Preston 2.Fred Curry Jr vs Shockwave 3.ACW Champion Chris Hamrick vs Devito 4.Ron Zombie vs Rican Havoc vs Jim Nastic 5.Chris Harvard vs Michael Preston 6.Disco Inferno & hippie Freak Richards vs Steel and Idol NPWA #60 Assault Championship Wrestling: Waterbury, CT 2/23/02 (airdate 4/24/02) 1.MA Champion Jeff Rocker w Francine vs Johnny Thunda w Alura 2.Balls Mahoney & Ron Zombie vs Mutilators 3.Slyk Wagner Brown vs Dylan Kage 4.Tag Champions Apollo and Gunner vs Kappa Tappa Kegga (TC) ____________________________________________________________________________________

NPW15-NPWA #61 Assault Championship Wrestling: Meriden, CT 3/30/02 (airdate 5/15/02) 1.ACW Tag Champions Kappa Tappa Kegga vs Dylan Kage & Rocket Fred Curry JR (TC) 2.ACW Great American Champion Jeff Rocker vs Johnny Thunda (TC) 3.ACW Champion Chris Hamrick vs Slyk Wagner Brown (TC) NPWA #62 ECWA Super 8: Deleware 3/3/02 (airdate 6/12/02) 1.Semi-AJ Styles vs RED 2.Semi-Donavan Morgan vs Jamie Knoble 3.FINALS-Donavan Morgan vs AJ Styles NPWA #63 Assault Championship Wrestling: Meriden, CT 5/3/02 (aidate 7/3/02) 1.Kappa Tappa Kegga vs Rednecks from Hell 2.ACW Tag Champions Kage and Curry Jr vs Chris Hamrick & Chi Chi Cruz 3.ACW Jr Champion Scotty Charisma vs Dave Delicious NPWA #64 Assault Championship Wrestling: Meriden, CT 5/3/02 (airdate 7/31/02) 1.ACW Hardcore Champion Bull Dread vs Danny Doring (TC) 2.Tony Devito vs Little Guido 3.Balls Mahoney & Ron Zombie vs Mutilators ___________________________________________________________________________________

NPW16-NPWA #65 Ring Of Honor: Philadelphia, PA 2/23/02 (airdate 8/21/02) 1.American Dragon vs Christopher Daniels vs Low Ki 2.Super Crazy vs Eddie Guerrero NPWA #66 Texas Wrestling Alliance/Old WWF Maryland 2002/1984 (airdate 9/11/02) 1.TWA Championship Venum vs Shawn Michaels 2.Bootcamp Match-Sgt Slaughter vs Iron Shiek NPWA #67 XTreme Pro Wrestling Free Fall 2/23/02 (airdate 9/25/02) 1.KODM Supreme vs Sandman 2.Free Fall 40 Foot Scaffold: New Jack vs Vic Grimes NPWA #68 Combat Zone Wrestling: High Stakes 5/02 (airdate 10/16/02) 1.Iron Man Champion Justice Pain vs Nick Mondo vs Messiah vs Adam Flash __________________________________________________________________________________

NPW17-NPWA #69 Pro Pain Wrestling: Philadelphia, PA 9/21/02 (airdate 11/16/02) 1.Kevin Sullivan vs Abdullah The Butcher 2.Sabu vs Syxx Pac NPWA #70 WWE SmackDown Japan/AJPW 4/02-8/31/02 (airdate 11/30/02) 1.Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri vs Billy Kidman 2.Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho vs The Rock 3.Bill Goldberg vs Taiyo Kai 4.Bill GOldberg vs Satashi Kojima NPWA #71 Heartland Wrestling Association 2/23/02 (airdate 12/14/02) 1.HWA Champion EZ $ vs Tommy Dreamer 2.Raven vs JAmie Noble 3.Island Boys vs Justin Credible and Steven Richards 4.Steve Bradley vs Mike Sanders NPWA #72 WWF TNT SHOW 1984 (airdate 12/28/02) 1.The Butcher Paul Vachon Wedding ________________________________________________________________________________

NPW18-NPWA #73 Extreme Championship Wrestling: 1995 (airdate 1/11/03) 1.Rocco Rock Tribute Video 2.Tag Champions Malenko and Beniot vs Public Enemy vs Taz and Rick Steiner 3.Public Enemy Break the Ring in FLorida NPWA #74 Pro Pain Wrestling: Night For the Flyboy 9/19/02 (airdate 1/25/03) 1.Mike Durham and 3PW with 10 Bell Salute 2.Jerry The King Lawler vs Curt Hennig NPWA #75 Ohio Valley Wrestling: 11/30/02 (airdate 2/8/03) 1.OVW CHampion Nova vs Kanyon 2.OVW Champion Nova vs Damaja (TC) 3.Eric Angle vs Johnny Spade 4.OVW Champion Damaja vs Kurt Angle NPWA #76 All Japan Pro Wrestling: WrestleOne 11/17/02 (Airdate 2/22/03) 1.Bill Goldberg vs Rick Steiner 2.AJPW Champion Great Muta vs Bobb Sapp (Non TItle) _________________________________________________________________________________

NPW19-NPWA #77 Assault Championship Wrestling: North Haven, CT Summer 2002 (airdate 3/8/03) 1.Jim Nastic vs Shabba White 2.Tag Champions GRaves and Tsunami vs Rednecks from Hell 3.Hardcore Champion Table MAtch: Ron Zombie vs Bull Dread 4.ACW Champion DYlan Kage vs Chi Chi Cruz NPWA #78 Ring Of Honor:Philadelphia, PA 9/17/02 (airdate 3/22/03) 1.Red vs Jay Briscoe 2.Ladder Match: Paul Londo vs Michael Shane NPWA #79 AWA SuperClash II 5/2/87 (airdate 4/5/03) 1.AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkle vs Curt Hennig (TC) NPWA #80 WWE Jeopardy with NPWA Staff and Friends Show _____________________________________________________________________

NPW20-NPWA #81 Universal Wrestling Federation:Beach Brawl 8/91 (Airdate 4/19/03) 1.Wet N Wild vs Cactus Jack and Bob Orton 2.UWF Vacant SC Title Steve Williams vs Bam Bam Bigelow NPWA #82 Smokey Mountain Wrestling: SuperBowl 8/4/95 (airdate 5/3/03) 1.Undertaker vs Unibomb 2.SMW Tag Champions Thugs vs HEavenly Bodies 3.WWF IC Champion Shawn Michaels vs Buddy Landell NPWA #83 All JApan Pro Wrestling: Wrestle One 1/19/03 (airdate 5/17/03) 1.Great Muta & Goldberg vs Kronik NPWA #84 NWA Orange Bowl Great American Bash 1987 (airdate 5/31/03) 1.NWA Tag Champions Rock N Roll Express vs Midnight Express 2.WARGAMES-SuperPowers,Road Warriors,Ellering vs Four Horsemen,War Machine _______________________________________________________________________________

NPW21-NPWA #85 Ohio Valley Wrestling: Christmas Chaos 1/31/01 (airdate 6/14/03) 1.Hardy Boys and Lita vs Disciples and Sinn 2.OVW Champion Nick Dinsmore vs Chris Benoit 3.Jim Ross Interviews Steve Austin-Rico Out-Stunned 4.Videos then KANE vs Leviathon NPWA #86 Assault Championship Wrestling:New Britian, CT 11/3/02 (Airdate 6/28/03) 1.Paul E Normous vs Riot 2.Vacant JR Championship:Del Tsunami v Nastic v Charisma v Abunai 3.Great American Champion Slyk Wagner Brown vs Johnny Thunda NPWA #87 Assault Championship Wrestling:New Britian, CT 11/3/02 Pt 2(airdate 7/12/03) 1.Vacant ACW Tag Titles BackSeat Boys vs Red Hot Russ & Mike Xylas 2.Tony Devito vs Chris Hamrick 3.ACW Champion Dylan Kage vs Jeff Rocker NPWA #88 Rise and Fall of …:Japan/Texas (Airdate 7/26/03) 1.Joanie Laurer vs Massa Chono 2.Sandman vs Chris Candito with Tammy Sytch (Everyone is cocked!) _______________________________________________________________________________

NPW22-NPWA #89 FAN SLAM: Totowa, NJ Q and A (airdate 8/9/03) with Heenan, Steamboat,Orndorff,Dillon,Von Erich,Crowbar,etc NPWA #90 Central States: 1980’s (Airdate 8/23/03) 1.Bruiser Brody vs Tommy Sharpe 2.Eddie Gilbert vs Bill Howard 3.Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert Music Video 4.Midnight Rockers vs Art Cruise and Timothy Flowers 5.NWA Champion Harley Race vs Terry Gibbs NPWA #91 NWC: Las Vegas, NV (airdate 9/6/03) 1.Desert Death Match: Cactus Jack vs Sabu NPWA #92 NWA Starrcade 1987 (Airdate 9/20/03) 1.NWA Tag Champions Anderson And Blanchard vs Road Warriors 2.NWA Champion Ronnie Garvin vs Ric Flair (CAGE) _______________________________________________________________________

NPW23-NPWA #93 XBOKO: Danbury, CT 9/28/03 (airdate 10/4/03) 1.Hilites of Terry Funk,Whipwreck as a Bear,Gimmicks 2.Spyder Vs Luis Ortiz vs Jay Busta Vs Mikey Whipwreck 3.Terry Funk vs Low Life Louie NPWA #94 ECW: Hartford, CT 6/24/99 (airdate 10/18/03) 1.Justin Credible vs Sabu 2.TV Champion Rob Van Dam vs Spike Dudley NPWA #95 Assault Championship Wrestling: Waterbury, CT 6/9/02 (airdate 11/1/03) 1.Great American ChampionJohnny Thunder vs Jeff Rocker 2.Kid Kash vs Andy Kappa NPWA #96 Assault Championship Wrestling: Plainville, CT 8/10/02 (airdate 11/15/03) 1.Mercedes Martinez vs Ariel 2.Hardcore Champion Bull Dread vs Iceberg 3.Chi Chi Cruz vs Chris Hamrick 4.Ladder Match: Dylan Kage vs Fred Curry JR ________________________________________________________________________________

NPW24-NPWA #97 Assault Championship Wrestling: Total Impact 10/6/02 (airdate 11/29/03) 1.Mercedez Martinez vs Riptide _Ariel Refs 2.Jeff Rocker vs Nick Berk 3.ACW Champion Dylan Kage vs Trent Acid NPWA #98 Assualt Championship Wrestling:Total Impact Part 2 (airdate 12/6/03) 1.Chris Hamrick vs Kid Kash 2.New Jack and Ron Zombie vs Jamie Pain and Bull Dread NPWA #99 ECW in JAPAN: 1997 (airdate 12/20/03) 1.Gladiator vs Tommy Dreamer 2.Masato Tanaka vs W*ing Kannemura 3.Sandman vs Sabu 4.Terry Funk, Dreamer vs Dudleys vs GLadiator NPWA #100 WWF RAW: Satelite Feed Los Angeles, CA 2/10/03 (airdate 12/27/03) 1.From NPWA-Scott Aresco vs Sunny D Hardcore Basement Battle 2.KISS MY ASS-McMahon/Bischoff/Jericho/Val Venis-The Surprise Debut of Austin Off Air _________________________________________________________________________________________

NPW25-NPWA #101 WWF MSG’s: 1980/1982 (airdate 1/10/04) 1.16 Man Battle Royal won by Larry Zbzsko 2.WWF Champion Bob Backlund vs Jesse Ventura (Putski Refs) NPWA #102 Assault Championship Wrestling: Stage East Hartford, CT 3/24/03 (airdate 1/24/04) 1.Great American Champion Jeff Rocker vs Homicide 2.Chris Hamrick & Julio Dinero vs Kid Kash & Devito with Trinity NPWA #103 Assault Championship Wrestling: Blood for Blood 5/4/03 (airdate 2/7/04) 1.Julio Dinero vs Devito 2.CAGE-Dylan Kage vs Jason Knight-Justin Credible attacks NPWA #104 Connecticut Championship Wrestling:West Haven, CT 11/23/03 (airdate 2/21/04) 1.Mercedes Martinez vs Ariel 2.Spyder vs J BUsta 2 of 3 falls 3.Falls Count Anywhere- Boogaloo vs Skinhead Ivan ____________________________________________________________________________________________

NPW26-NPWA #105 Assault Championship Wrestling: Road to Damnation 6/8/03 (airdate 3/7/04) 1.ACW Hardcore Champion Ron Zombie vs Bull Dread vs JAmie Pain-Sandman arrives 2.ACW Jr Champion Jim Nastic vs Eddie Edwards NPWA #106 Assault Championship Wrestling: Road To Damnation Part 2 (airdate 3/21/04) 1.Justin Credible vs Avil Graves 2.ACW Champion Johnny Thunda vs Luis Ortiz vs Dylan Kage NPWA #107 Connecticut Championship Wrestling: Fired Up! 1/25/04 (airdate 4/4/04) 1.Kid USA vs Stryker 2.Mercedes MArtinez vs Cindy Rogers 3.Scotty Charisma, Vic Gunner vs Dylan Kage, Avil Graves, Mercedez Martinez NPWA #108 Connecticut Championship Wrestling: Fired Up! Part II (airdate 4/18/04) 1.Crazy Ivan vs Ron Zombie 2.Northeast Championship Boogaloo vs Spyder vs J Busta vs Azreal _____________________________________________________________________________________

NPW27-NPWA #109 Atlantic Wrestling Federation: Meriden, CT 5/6/04 (airdate 5/10/04) 1.Arch Kinkaid vs Vince Apollo 2.Private Tony Black vs Larry the Postman 3.Equalizer vs Holyoke Hogan NPWA #110 Atlantic Wrestling Federation: Meriden, CT Part II (airdate 5/24/04) 1.Johnny Heartbreaker vs Purty Kurty 2.Eddie Edwards vs Chris Candito 3.Bam Bam Bigelow & Chris Candito vs Primo Carnero & Eddie Edwards NPWA #111 Assault Championship Wrestling:Psychotic BReakdown 7/13/03 (airdate 6/7/04) 1.Jeff Rocker vs Julio Dinero 2.Slyk Wagner Brown vs Justin Credible 3.Mercedez Martinez vs Sumie Sakai NPWA #112 Connecticut CHampionship Wrestling: Fairfield CT 2/21/04 (airdate 6/21/04) 1.CCW SemiFinals clips for Championship Belt endings 2.Semi-Luis Ortiz vs Damien Adams 3.Semi-Supreme Lee Great vs Slyk Wagner Brown 4.CCW Championship: Matt Stryker vs Slyk Wagner Brown __________________________________________________________________________________

NPW28-NPWA #113 Assault Championship Wrestling: No Excuses 9/7/03 (airdate 7/5/04) 1.Shabba White vs Tiger Mulligan 2.Johnny Thunda vs Chris Hamrick NPWA #114 Assault Championship Wrestling: No Excuses Part II (airdate 7/19/04) 1. Iron Maiden MAtch-Mercedez MArtinez vs Sumie Sakai 2.Jason Knight vs Justin Credible NPWA #115 Assualt Championship Wrestling: No Excuses Part III (Airdate 8/2/04) 1.Great American Championship: Devito vs Slyk Wagner Brown 2.ACW Champion Dylan Kage vs John Walters NPWA #116 Connecticut Championship Wrestling: WrestleJam 5/23/04 (airdate 8/16/04) 1.Nikki Roxx & Ariel vs April Hunter & Cindy Rogers 2.Spyder vs Dan Berry 3.Mikey Batts vs J Busta _____________________________________________________________________________________

NPW29-NPWA #117 Extreme Championship Wrestling: 10 Years Ago (Airdate 8/30/04) 1.Reviews of 1995 ECW Events 2.ECW Tag Championship: Raven and Richards vs Pit Bulls 2 of 3 Falls (TC) NPWA #118 Assault Championship Wrestling: Hartford Rock Expo 8/13/04 (airdate 9/13/04) 1.Jamie Pain vs Panther 2.Masked Wrestlers vs Chill Will and Young RC 3.Del Tsunami vs Brian Mathews-The Rain Out afterwards at the concert NPWA #119 Connecticut Championship Wrestling: Revolution 6/27/04 (airdate 9/27/04) 1.Ron Zombie & Dylan Kage vs Mercenary & Slamdawg 2.John Walters vs Luis Ortiz NPWA #120 Fan Slam Q & A 12/6/03 (airdate 10/11/04) 1.Q & A with David Schultz,Virgil,Dibiasi,Link __________________________________________________________________________________

NPW30-NPWA #121 Atlantic Wrestling Federation: Middletown, CT 6/26/04 (airdate 10/25/04) 1.Vinny Apollo vs Eddie Edwards 2.Larry The Postman vs Little Pappa Gino 3.Pat The Brat Pipers Pit with Jonah and Al Snow NPWA #122 Atlantic Wrestling Federation: Middletown, CT Part II (airdate 11/8/04) 1.Purty Kurty & Jerk Jackson vs Danny Davis & Short Sleve Sampson 2.Jonah vs Cloudy NPWA #123 Atlantic Wrestling Federation: Middletown, CT Part III (Airdate 11/22/04) 1.Al Snow vs Chris Candito NPWA #124 Ohio Valley Wrestling:Spring Breakout 4/11/03 (airdate 12/6/04) 1.Orlando Jordan & Mark Magnus vs Chris Cage & Mark Gindrak 2.Nova vs Chris Nowinski 3.OVW Tag Champions APA vs Renee Dupree & Lance Cade 4.Kane vs Matt Morgan _____________________________________________________________________________________

NPW31-NPWA #125 Previews and Reviews of Kid Kash Shoot with WildBBrown (airdate 12/20/04) NPWA #126 Assault Championship Wrestling: Chains Unbound 4/19/03 (airdate 1/5/05) 1.Red Hot Russ vs Scotty Charisma 2.ACW Champion Johnny Thunda vs Dylan Kage 3.Riptide vs Ariel vs Mercedex Martinez NPWA #127 Assault Championship Wrestling: Chains Unboand Part II (airdate 1/19/05) 1.Jason Knight & Ron Zombie vs Mutilators 2.Dylan Kage vs Eddie Edwards NPWA #128 Ohio Valley Wrestling: 6/03 (airdate 2/5/05) 1.Scott Steiner & Johnny Jeter vs Machine & Kanyon 2.Randy Orton vs Matt Morgan 3.Big Bad John vs Robbie Dawber ______________________________________________________________________________________